Back From Chicago

Where I had a lovely time at C2E2, seeing friends and fans and the occasional random person who had no idea who I was but was perfectly nice to me anyway, because most people are, you know, nice people. My panels were also a bunch of fun, and it was especially enjoyable watching Lydia Kang rout Pat Rothfuss, Keven Hearne and Seth Fishman in the Geek Geek Revolution game show panel (seriously, she kicked their asses). Also, I got to use the word “Hegelian” in the “Science Fiction” panel with Daryl Gregory, M.D. Waters and Gary Wolfe. So I have that going for me, which is nice.

I also had a meeting with Patty Garcia, Tor’s utterly fabulous head of publicity, in which we talked about potential book tour dates. I can’t talk much about it at the moment because we’re still looking at what’s possible (and please don’t ask me if I’m coming to your town because the answer at this point will be “uh, maybe?”), but I can say that if we get the tour we’re thinking on, a whole lot of you in the US will get a chance to see me, including some of you in places I’ve never toured before. So I have that going for me too.

And I also had Harold’s Chicken, which was the best.

So: Thanks Chicago. You remain, as always, the greatest.

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