Sunset on Jupiter

I think it’d look a little like this. Minus the solid ground, mind you. Even so.

13 Comments on “Sunset on Jupiter”

  1. Umm… Sort of. Might be some banding. Could be lighter or darker. And there is a solid core (but probably couldn’t see any sun from there)…

  2. Yup, if you’re far enough down in Jupiter’s atmosphere to see the rocks, you’re too deep to see the sun. Cool image though.

  3. I live a couple hundred miles east in WV…..and i totally miss these epic sunsets because of all these hills surrounding me…..grrrrrr. hehe.

  4. Looks like you’re about 300 miles northwest of the giant red spot. Theres a great little diner in that neighborhood that serves pancakes the size of a beachball.

  5. The atmospheric pressure is sufficient to crush the hydrogen and helium into a state resembling solid steel way, way before you get down to the solid core.

    Also, assuming that you build a ship that could weather the fantastically absurd amounts of radiation in Jupiter’s atmosphere (not impossible, but pretty difficult) and also the extreme temperatures (also difficult) and also the intense gravitational field (more than twice that of Earth’s, at the altitude where atmospheric pressure is similar)

    Even assuming all that, which is not impossible, you’d still be left with the problem of bouyancy. You could never get to the core because the stuff around you would be more dense than your ship, and would push you up like a beach-ball being pushed to the surface.

    An irradiated beach ball made of some hyper strong future-metal, powered by fusion reactors.

  6. Ok, I only live 50 miles from you – how come your sunsets are always so much better than mine? Are you paying off the black-helicopter-secret-government-weather-control agency or something?

  7. that serves pancakes the size of a beachball. Is Willis from Red Planet the spokes-Martian?

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