May Flowers

The adage about April showers appears to be true. Here at least.

Happy May, everyone.

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  1. In Seattle, April showers generally bring May showers. (Though it’s supposed to be over 80 here today, so clearly “generally” does not necessarily mean “always”.)

  2. I wish we’d had a few more April showers here. The flowers are doing fine, though.

  3. That’s a fruit tree – apple? Alas Toronto is still grey and dismal. I just deadheaded my pansies though.

  4. I’ll let you know if that also holds true out here on the tundra – just as soon as the damn April showers stop!

  5. I’m no taxonomist or expert, but I love looking at flowers and thinking of their whole phase, from bud to bloom to bee to burgeoning belissima. See how the flower has 5 petals? Slice an apple crossways, you’ll see the star inside.

    But apple blossoms are usually white. When plum blossoms are pink, the leaves are normally burgundy. Peach leaves are elongated with a curved rib. So I think we have cherry blossoms here. Definitely not rhododendrons :-)

  6. My money’s on a decorative crabapple. We have some that look a lot like that in front of my office.

  7. Ah, you southerners. We still have snow in the ground.


  8. Feels more like autumn in the London (UK) area – cloudy, chilly, windy. Temp is around 50F but doesn’t feel that warm. Supposed to get frost tonight as well. At least it isn’t raining.

    Lovely flowers in that pic..

  9. Whereas here, we have the cool, clear days of autumn, the first fire in the fireplace and the onset of red wine drinking season; yay! Now, where did I put my book …

  10. May the 4th be with you !! sorry, totally overrated, could not resist it, carino .

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