New Books and ARCs, 5/2/14

Traveling again today, this time to the Detroit area for Penguicon, where I will be hanging out and doing a few panels, and may even read from Lock In. But to keep you amused an occupied while I am on the road, here’s a stack of the fine books and ARCs that made their way to the Scalzi compound this week. Any of them look particularly interesting to you? Share in the comment thread!

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  1. I’m eagerly awaiting the new VanderMeer novel. Annihiliation was excellent, and early reviews on the follow-up are very promising.

  2. Saw a review for ‘Koko Takes a Holiday’ in a SF magazine here in the UK and it sounded good so it’s on my Amazon UK list. It’s out in June here.

  3. Authority is fantastic. Le Carre’s journey through a surreal bureaucracy, all the while developing further the mystery of Area X from Annihilation. I’d flail about how I am jealous of your copy, but I read it in ms, again in ARC, and am waiting for the final edition to come out in audiobook on Tuesday. :)

  4. Already pre-ordered VanderMeer’s Authority via Audible. The first one was so good, and I’m thrilled that this one sounds both completely different and equally WTF.

  5. LOVED the Sergei Lukyanenko DayWatch series, and am curious as to how he’ll handle this new story. I expect good things. The cover art for the new editions is excellent as well.

  6. Don’t know which device you used to take the picture, but that is the most legible shot I can remember of the new books.

  7. I’m not sure I think the WATCH series needed to go past the first three – is sure felt like the logical conclusion at the end of Twilight Watch – but I keep meaning to pick up number 4. And now there’s a number 5. Despite #4 being called “Last Watch”

    David Wellington’s stuff has always been a fun ride as well; I’ll have to add this new one to my wish list.

  8. Totally stoked for Authority. Annihilation was fantastic (in every sense of the word).

  9. Just like Mia, I can also go for some fresh DeLint. And VanderMeer is always good for a romp. It’s also nice to keep up with the Nebulas.

  10. @Steve, since I don’t read a lot of short fiction, I really appreciate the Nebula Showcase. That was a great idea someone had.

  11. Two more with blurbs trumpeting “The latest in the Dudley Dooright adventures!” Ever since Clive Cussler started making enough money to buy fancy cars with his computer-written NUMA/Pitt adventures the shelves are full of serial “adventures” more unlikely than the next. Pass and wait for Child’s next book and for the image of Tom Cruise to mercifully fade from my tortured brain.

  12. I’d happily dive into Jack in the Green! It’s been awhile since I picked up any DeLint. I think that needs to be corrected.

  13. I could’ve sworn I read Jack in the Green years ago. Is this a new edition, or a new book and I’ve been time-travelling again?

  14. Well, I’ll know Monday what this week’s mailbag contained, though I am pretty confident The Crimson Campaign will be in there as I have a thick, chunky envelope from Hachette waiting. My most recent arrivals had some really cool items among them, including Afterparty, Unwrapped Sky and Bird Box.

  15. M.A. — I think it’s new (although with titles like Into the Green and Jack the Giant Killer, the water gets muddied). It’s certainly one of the ones I’m most excited about.

    Other ones: the Durst, because she’s Durst. And the Nebula Awards Showcase, because my wife’s got a piece in it (as do a hell of a lot of other talented folks).

  16. The DeLint (in a nice shiny new Subterranean Press edition that has extra Charles Vess illustrations); then the Nebula anthology.

  17. Mmmmm, new DeLint. I wonder if it ties in with any of his previous works?

  18. I pre-ordered Authority (and Acceptance too.) I forgot when it will be out exactly but Annihilation was his best book yet, I thought – which is saying something – so I am looking forward to this next installment quite eagerly.

  19. I’m with Mia, I’ll take that de Lint, if you don’t want it. :-)

  20. DeLint! All the way. Cup o coffee, nice warm blanket and that book on my lap. that’s how I’d like to start my day :)

  21. I don’t recognize any of those except the sequel to The Daedelus Incident, which was very good. I’ll be on the lookout for it!

  22. @Adam Lipkin — yeah, I think you’re right, he has other stuff with “Jack” and “Green” in the titles, i’m just free-associating a bit. Good; that means he’s got a whole new book for me to read!

  23. Eeeee, New Watch! I remember having found out about Last Watch existing but languishing in publishing hell for a couple years because it was produced outside of Lukyanenko’s 3-book contract and there were issues with getting it licensed and distributed in North America. That was the first time I ever wrote a publisher. And when it finally came out, I think I just spent the whole weekend holed up in my apartment savoring it.

  24. OMG!!!!! YES, YES, YES. The New Watch, from Lukyanenko…. I definitely want this one :D

  25. I wish The Milkman was set in the same world as novel version of The Postman, but judging from the title it is probably set in the exact opposite world.

  26. I’ve read all of Dietrich’s books up the Barbed Crown, and it’s been a great ride as the American adventurer continues to play Napoleon off the British off everyone else while searching for great Lost Relics. “The Three Emperors” just came out yesterday, too.

  27. de Lint!! Ooooh, he has a new book! So excited, I love his stuff. I will have to find a copy of this one.

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