I Claim This Word In the Name of the Internet: Snuffaluffphagy

Snuffaluffphagy: The scientific term for eating a Muppet.

Google did not have a listing for the word previous to me posting the word here. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Update: Where it’s gone.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Can I create a rule 34 slang variation? Pleeeease can I create a rule 34 slang variation? Every scientific term needs an unscientific partner!

– Domini, preventing the internet from being classy. Again.

On the first day in almost a week I’m NOT watching The Muppet Show on Youtube (up to midpoint of Season 3, needed a whimsy break) and you come up with this!

If I didn’t know any better – and I do – I’d say you were stalking me, Scalzi.

So, would a Snuffaleffigy be a specific representation of Snuffaluffagus or just a muppet? In turn, could there be a Snuffluffphagia involving said Snuffleffigy? So many questions….

My college experiment in snuffaluffphagy film sadly is not yet online. Although now that I think about it, Snuffy actually avenged himself in that Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Once upon a time, I was with a friend who was trying real, Mexican menudo for the first time. He responded that it was “like eating a Snuffleupagus”. While menudo is not snuffaluffphagy, I would like to submit that the textures of the two would be very similar.

Ghislord – My son was in a semi-successful hard metal band (I don’t know the exact variation but its the one where the singer shouts every verse). They were looking for a ‘change of pace’ tune & I suggested “Come On Get Happy” (the Partridge Family theme song). They did it I audiences went wild. Maybe a Sesame Street cover band could cell a few CDs

Not that Frank – I always look for amphibians on those little wheeled carts when I see a place with frog’s legs on the menu.

jayemgriffin :

No doubt about it. It would be an instant success! Wonder how much royalties I’d owe to Mr. Scalzi…

Frankly :

I remember a loca band tha did a reimagined version of the Sesame street song as a Rock alternative variant. The main beat was played with an overwhelming bass… It was actually pretty good.

His name was Snuffleupagus, so the word should be Snuffleuphagy, or Snuffleupphagy. I read Agent to the Stars on my Palm Pilot and gladly sent in my dollar, but now I’m disappointed. Or should that be disaffointed?

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