In Which We Give My Mother-in-Law a New Puppy

It was a surprise. As you will be able to tell about 48 seconds into the video.

And here’s a closer, static look at the thing:

Seriously, it’s unreal how cute this puppy is.

33 Comments on “In Which We Give My Mother-in-Law a New Puppy”

  1. As you are not a horrible person I am sure this was a known good thing, but I feel obligated to be the buzzkill that comments that one should be SUPER sure about gifting someone a living critter.

  2. You guys did a good thing. Obviously this is a person who NEEDED a puppy, and providing a puppy where needed is definitely a good deed of immense importance. You’re all going to heaven for this one. Thanks for sharing the momen with us.

  3. Personally, I think that little furry object looks like something Zeus might enjoy disemboweling. Obviously Ms. Blauser disagrees; I’m glad she likes her new puppy.

  4. I seriously thought that was the Papa Fuzzy puppet when I first glanced at this entry.

    Puppet, puppy…pretty close.

  5. I made the mistake of showing my mother the video. “Why do you call it an icky-woo?” “No, mom, an EWOK.” “I don’t care what you call it, I want one.”

  6. Awwww. Whenever I see something that cute, I always wonder how many batteries it uses.

    The computer’s speakers aren’t working at the moment, so I watched the video without sound. By sheer coincidence, the household music going on in the background was an ominous “Jaws” type of movie score as the puppy was carried into the house. Just a bit of cognitive dissonance there.

  7. Holy cow, this is some weapons grade cute! I’m somewhat almost kinda certain there are rules against this level of cuteness in the Geneva Conventions. You may have started an international incident!

  8. That totally made my day. Also, I might actually name my next dog icky-woo. Love it.

  9. Shih tzu, I’m guessing

    Not if it has been properly house-trained.

    (Thank you! I’m here all week. Tip your waiters!)

  10. Ridiculously, unrealistically cute.

    That is all.

  11. Has she named him yet? Presumably not Icky-woo, though that does have a certain appeal.

  12. Congratulations to Krissy’s mom! That little fella (gal?) will never lack for love. :-)
    I’m slightly jealous: I plan to get a puppy, once I stop working full-time and am home enough to take proper care of it. There is nothing happier than these little bundles of joy!

  13. “I think he peed on me.”

    Yeah, that’ll happen. Totes worth it though.

  14. Shih Tzu puppy. Very loving and loyal dogs. Incredibly hard to house break.

  15. Attack: Cuteness. Reduces sane, intelligent adults to burbling piles of oogie-woogie.

  16. Oh, lord, that is a concentrated ball of cuteness. But I agree with an up-poster; your mom-in-law is nearly as cute as her new companion and the two of them together would make the Grinch smile. Well done, Scalzi clan, well-done!

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