My Slightly Early Birthday Present to Myself

Why, yes, they are Doc Martens with Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights on them — the happy parts of that triptych, anyway. I got them because my birthday is this Saturday (don’t say “happy birthday” yet, I’ll post a birthday post then) and I thought these were pretty cool. Also, although you probably don’t know it, I have a history of interesting shoes. These are the latest.

I asked Athena what she thought of them. “They look like bowling shoes,” she said. Yes. The most awesome bowling shoes ever.

40 Comments on “My Slightly Early Birthday Present to Myself”

  1. Just totally disappointed you didn’t go for the bit of that artwork that features someone playing a wind instrument from an unconventional orifice. Right on the vamp. Would be even MORE interesting bowling shoes.

  2. Ah…! (He typed, praying on can order them online and have them send to Holland.)

    (My birthday is when again…? Details, details…!)

  3. Oooooo! I LIKE! I’m a big fan of interesting shoes, but I don’t have any with quite that level of interestingawesomeness.

  4. If it had the less pleasant parts of the painting, you could have claimed them as “Bowling Shoes OF THE APOCALYPSE!!”

  5. Different strokes for different folks… I think if i saw someone with shoes like that in public I’d chuckle. I think those are the ugliest, most overdone shoes I have ever seen.

    That being said, I have no fashion sense whatsoever. Or so I have been told since I really can’t tell.

  6. Yep. Gotta agree, pretty darn awesome. Now if they had a stiletto version…

  7. And here I was being smugly impressed with myself for buying some black leather Chuck Taylors….

  8. I think Bosch was reincarnated as Salvador Dali. This is one of his least grotesque paintings, actually, and I’m delighted to see it on a pair of shoes!

  9. Someone should open a bowling alley where all the shoes have artwork like this. I can picture people saying “Give me the Raphael in ten and a half, please.”

  10. Ok, you do shoes, Athena does hats. Does Krissy have a fashion quirk we don’t know about?

  11. I’m gay, and I still don’t think I could wear those shoes in public. Or private.

  12. I am appalled at the shoe haters. Really, how can sf lovers be so intolerant of your awesome Docs? Shocking.

    Of course, my 40s are a lively mix of lilacs and cabbage roses, so maybe I’m biased.

  13. ” Also, although you probably don’t know it, I have a history of interesting shoes.” Ok, we need to see pics of the other Interesting Shoes!

  14. I want to see the gallery of interesting shoes. Seriously, absolutely. It feels like cruel teasery to deny us.

  15. They may be bowling shoes, but they’d go well (for flexible values of “well”) with the more colorful versions of golf pants.

  16. I looked at your strange, strange shoes and my first thought was, “He tied them wrong.”

  17. The Toronto Doc store is sold out, but the person I spoke to this morning told me that this collection is being added to the fall/winter line. My SO has just told me I’ll be getting one of the bags for a combo birthday/Xmas gift. OMG. I have never wanted something fashionable so. freaking. hard. Not because it’s DM. Because it’s Bosch, and I’m weird that way.

  18. hng23, thank you for giving me hope. I was obsessing over the boots yesterday, but they were available only in a large men’s size. I’m a woman with feet that aren’t dainty but not that big either. I’ll figure out what men’s size will work for me because, yes, Bosch, and the boots look even better than the shoes, judging by photos online. I’d wear them in public in a heartbeat.

  19. LOVE! Those are even better than my hot pink Docs and my shiny pewter Docs. An awesome birthday present to oneself.

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