This Is Just To Let You Know

That the book I have been calling The Human Division 2: The Divisioning now has a working title.

(Walks off, whistling)


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  1. Quite close to the movie treatment that my son and his friends kicked up freshman year of university, about a serial killer zombie janitor: THE SWEEPENING

  2. The Human Brigades? The Ghost Division? Arsenal Gear? La-Le-Li-Lo-Lu?

  3. The Human Division II: Divide and Conquer.
    The Human Division II: Divide by Zero.
    The Human Division II: Across the Great Divide.

    (Does the person who gets the right answer get a prize?)

  4. @ Robert
    You pipped me there – though I like my version slightly better: Human Divison 2: Galactic Boogaloo

  5. If the last book was release one chapter at a time, this one should be released one sentence at a time. On twitter. I’ll give you a first sentence, totally for freebies:

    The she-alien looked at John Perry, her voluptuous lip-tentacles glistening with lust, and said “Explain to me this Earth custom called kissing”

  6. It seems perfectly clear to me, the title is “The Human Division 2:Walks off, Whistling”

  7. @JReynolds

    The Human Division II: Divide and Conquer.
    The Human Division II: Divide by Zero.
    The Human Division II: Across the Great Divide.

    Or maybe:
    The Human Division II: Long Division
    The Human Division II: The Denominator
    The Human Division II: Modulus

  8. The Human Division II: The Wrath of Gau.

    With Harry Wilson screaming “GGGGAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” at the Conclave leader as the latter primes a ridiculously overpowered superweapon with a dramatic nebula as a backdrop…and Hart Schmidt sacrifices himself to save everyone…and Harry finds out that he had a kid with a random woman he met a long time ago…and who the fuck cares if it makes sense or not, JJ Abrams remade Wrath of Khan as complete cinematic nonsense and he still made a shit-ton of money, so Mr. Scalzi’s guaranteed millions at least because he’s fifty times the writer JJ is, at LEAST.

    *rereads last paragraph*

    Alright, that’s enough Star Trek for me for this week…

  9. Revenge of the ?
    Attack of the ?

    Why does Human Division always remind me of Joy Division and The Human League?

  10. “Fisting The Were-Ocelot”,

    My mind just broke.

  11. …argh, blockquote fail. I think I got my point across, though.

  12. Oh, another idea:

    “The Human Division 2: ATTACK of the Flying Mutant Ninja Were-lemurs!!!!!”

    With Hafte Sorvalh being kidnapped by the FMNWLs, and being made their queen in about fifteen minutes because who the hell cares why, she’s just that awesome.

    And now I absolutely must have an old-fashioned B-movie poster featuring Hafte Sorvalh, Dread Queen of the Flying Mutant Ninja Were-Lemurs, with a facepalming Harry Wilson in place of the Damsel In Distress. ^_^

  13. “If the last book was released one chapter at a time, this one should be released one sentence at a time.”

    Mark Sample’s currently releasing his dissertation one character at a time. It’s a project he started during last September, in response to the American Historical Association’s suggestion that grad students wait 6 years before providing open access to their dissertations.

    His program releases a new character about every 10 minutes, a rate that will make his entire dissertation available over the course of 6 years. As of now, you can read most of the introduction online:

    But hang around on the page a while, and you’ll see a little more…

  14. “[T]he book I have been calling The Human Division 2: The Divisioning now has a working title.”

    If you’ve been calling it that, wasn’t that a working title already?

  15. It starts with the basic functions of arithmetic,
    The Human Division
    The Human Addition
    The Human Subtraction
    And then the series progresses up the mathematical ladder as it gets entrenched and becomes airport bookstore fodder with The Human Homology Group and The Human Topological Embedding.

  16. Obviously, it’s “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons, Book Two: The Human Division”

  17. What if it’s just a scheme to get title suggestions…
    Working fine so far

  18. I just finished The Human Division the other day.

    1. When I say “highball”, I expect whiskey or bourbon and ginger. A gin and tonic’s a gin and tonic.
    2. On a serious note, I have *real* trouble with the Earth being *that* far behind. For one, it suggests the kind of worldwide social environment that too many authors use for climate (it’s a desert world! It’s a water world!….) I also have trouble beleiving that with the billions of people, that no one’s come up to, or leapfrogged the Colonial Union. That goes along with my std. answer to UFO contactees: there has been *no* unexplained breakthrough in the last century-plus. We know the research that led to everything. And even if aliens didn’t give us a technology, knowing that something was possible, and probably scanning as it did whatever, would lead us to come up with a way, maybe a different way, of building it.

    3. Why not name the ambassador of the water race Sacner Carfon?


  19. “Fisting The Were-Ocelot” – I’d read that.
    Wait….. Isnt that the title of your second book in the trilogy?

    “The Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book Two – Fisting the Were-Ocelot”

  20. 16 post and 41 minutes: the time it took for someone to post “Electric Boogaloo”.

    Whatever commentariat, I am disappoint.

  21. I vote for Fisting the Were-Ocelot! Paperbooks will fly off the shelves so fast it will make John Grisham, Suzanne Collins and Robin Cook weep with envy.

  22. May I say that I love your commentariat Mr. Scalzi? Of course I may, can’t see The Mallet coming into play here.

    Thanks for the laughs folks. They were needed on this awful, grey, and rainy day in rural Australia.

  23. John has to change “The Name Of My Next Band” to “The Name Of My Next Book”. In particular, “Fisting The Were-Ocelot” is too good to waste on a mere band.