New Books and ARCs, 5/9/14

Here you go:

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  1. Been working through Hot Lead Cold Iron. It’s quite good and manages to keep funny, well paced, engaging and readable in a situation where it could have just been trite. Worth picking up.

  2. I love the title “Hot Lead, Cold Iron.” Almost as much as I love the title “Tough Guys and Dangerous Dames” which is my favorite noir pulp anthology.

    Thanks for the early mini-review Mr. Jasper!- I was so worried it wouldn’t live up to the greatness of the title. I really love the new sub-genre of sci-fi/fantasy mystery.

  3. Salvage. Everything I loved about Heinlein when I was a kid is in there without any of the stuff I can’t stand in Heinlein as an adult.

    I’d really like to know what other people think of it.

  4. The Silverberg themed anthology and the Asher, for me! And Salvage sounds interesting.

  5. I’m a huge Silverberg fan, and I can’t wait to see what other authors do in his worlds. And I know these high-end editions are well-done and great to have, but I gotta wait for a cheaper version.

  6. That’s a couple of promising looking anthologies! Also going to have to add Hot Lead & Salvage to my list. Will wait for some reviews of the new Asher, but I’m,hopeful there, too.

  7. Bonnie McDaniel – United States – Writer, blogger, reader. I mainly write about things I read and watch, and occasionally rant about politics. I'm not afraid of arguing--I rather like it, but I also know when to cut my losses. (On the Internet, that point usually comes sooner rather than later.)
    Bonnie McDaniel

    “Dead Man’s Hand.” John Joseph Adams’ anthologies are always good.

  8. The Book of Silverberg – I’ve been buying the Collected Short Stories volumes as they come out and it’s been a while since vol.8. Suffering withdrawal.

  9. Really liking what I’ve read thus far from Dead Man’s Hand.

    City of Stairs, though? WANT! Robert Jackson Bennett is a must buy for me.

  10. Craig Gidney – Author of "Sea, Swallow Me & Other Stories" (2008 Lambda Literary Finalist); "Skin Deep Magic" (2014 Lambda Literary Finalist); "Bereft" (2013 Bronze Moonbeam Award and 2014 Independent Publishers' Award) "The Nectar of Nightmares" (Dim Shores Chapbook) and A Spectral Hue (2019)
    Craig Laurance Gidney

    “City of Stairs” was a great read! I heartily recommend it if you like New Weird fiction with intense politics.
    I just started “The Girl in the Road” and am so far mesmerized.

  11. lkeke35 – I am a Librarian Clerk in the Midwestern US. Its my job to know stuff (or at the very least, admit I know nothing, and go find out!) I love SciFi and Horror, Books, Movies, and television shows. I celebrate Blackness all year round. I am intolerant of intolerance.

    I’m very much looking forward to Lansdale’s anthology, Suffer the Children ,City of Stairs and I’m extremely excited about Hot Lead and Cold Iron.

  12. lkeke35 – I am a Librarian Clerk in the Midwestern US. Its my job to know stuff (or at the very least, admit I know nothing, and go find out!) I love SciFi and Horror, Books, Movies, and television shows. I celebrate Blackness all year round. I am intolerant of intolerance.

    Ahh, my bad! I meant Dead Man’s Hand anthology.

  13. Got my book of Silverberg yesterday, too. Really funny story from Connie Willis sort of revealing the real truth of Silverberg’s success….

  14. City of Stairs apparently, since I entered to win a copy of it a couple of days ago. (I wouldn’t be heartbroken if I didn’t get it though.)

  15. I want to know what that girl is doing in that road!

    Other than that, I don’t know any of the writers in this pile, due to insufficient geekocity from my side, so I’m just wondering if “Hot lead cold iron” has anything to do with the fae. or if maybe I’m too obsessed with The Dresden Files.

  16. Pabkins – Sacramento, CA – I'm often found tucked away reading a book, watching anime, sketching, painting, or creating some new creature. Just follow the sounds of creepy maniacal laughter....beware my crazy is catching.
    Tabitha (Pabkins)

    City of Stairs, Salvage, hmmm I’ll have to actually check out the descrips on the others – Wish you would have done a cover shot. Spread those babies across the floor, couch or bed next time. Cause you know I am an shameless cover whore.

  17. Nothing there I’d go “OMG must buy”, but several I’d pick up based on the titles/spines (Asher I’ve never been able to get into – something about his prose doesn’t grip me. I’m not sure what the “Book of Silverberg” is, but I was never gripped by his Majipoor works). I’d be interested in hearing more about “Salvage” and “City of Stairs”.

    It would be neat if the post accompanying the picture included links to the Amazon pages or author blogs or other relevant sites for the works in question. I’m slightly too lazy to actually look it up myself. Which I realize is very lazy indeed. :P

  18. Neal Asher, just finished the first two of the Owner trilogy and waiting for The Jupiter War to become available at my local library.

  19. Got to go with the Neal Asher; I’m with MaryAnn C on this- Interesting ideas on European federalisation, if a tad pessimistic…

  20. Just curious John (because I don’t know) but when you show your new ARCs and books and ask what looks good, are you just trying to start a conversation? Or are you offering to give them away to the first people who comment about a specific title?

  21. You know I wonder that myself, is John supposed to read them all and then offer a sound bite so publishers can write it in the next addition?

    “Best book I’ve read since yesterday!” – New York Times Bestseller John Scalzi.

    “I should be writing, not reading, but I just can;t put it down!” – Hugo Award Winner John Scalzi

    “My publsher is going to kill me, but I just don’t care” – John Scalzi, author extraordinaire.

    I mean I can burn through a page turner in a day, and I’m talking aobut books you can kill Funnel Webs with, but I don’t get anything else done, so I don’t see how John and can read all of them and still meet his deadlines.

  22. brennancm – Chicago area – I used to write fiction a long time ago and even published a couple of things, but then life intruded. I'm back. I write fiction. I submit fiction for publication or put it up in this space. Sometimes I blog about what I've been up to.

    Dead Man’s Hand! So excited about that!

  23. I loved CITY OF STAIRS.

    Tabitha, if this helps, the cover is done in shades of gray and black. There is a city at the bottom (surprise!). The top two-thirds include storm-clouds, a gray-robed-and-hooded figure, arms crossed, who appears to be staring down at the city, and flocks of small birds. No stairs that I can see.

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