An Important Announcement

It is:

Writing has officially begun (by me, to be clear) on book six of the Old Man’s War series, tentatively scheduled for release sometime (probably) in the first half of 2015 (note: tentatively). I won’t tell you the (again tentative) title yet, but I will reveal that the title has five words in it. No, If you start guessing I will not tell you if you get it right. Just chill, more information will come in time.

How’s the writing going, you ask? So far, so good. Thanks for asking!

Aaaaaaaaand that’s all you get about it for a while. I’ll pop up every once in a while with an update. Until then, just assume that in the absence of new information, everything is going along perfectly. I thank you in advance for agreeing to this comfortable delusion.

Photos From Mother’s Day

Because I have errands to run this morning. Enjoy these until I get back.

Hope your Mother’s Day was enjoyable. Onward now into the week.