An Important Announcement

It is:

Writing has officially begun (by me, to be clear) on book six of the Old Man’s War series, tentatively scheduled for release sometime (probably) in the first half of 2015 (note: tentatively). I won’t tell you the (again tentative) title yet, but I will reveal that the title has five words in it. No, If you start guessing I will not tell you if you get it right. Just chill, more information will come in time.

How’s the writing going, you ask? So far, so good. Thanks for asking!

Aaaaaaaaand that’s all you get about it for a while. I’ll pop up every once in a while with an update. Until then, just assume that in the absence of new information, everything is going along perfectly. I thank you in advance for agreeing to this comfortable delusion.

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  1. Please be aware that the answer to any other question you may have about this is book is one or more of the following:

    “I don’t know”


    “It’s possible but I’m not saying right now”

    “Wouldn’t you like to know!”

    Yes, I know. I suck.

  2. ¡Excelente!
    Yo disfruto estos libros y no puedo esperar para el próximo uno.
    I am finishing up Unlocked and am interested in reading Locked In especially with it’s different theme. As long as there is some sarcasm, I am sure that all will go well. Besides, I need to contribute in some snall manner to the continuation of Whatever and the inspiring emails I receive daily- and the only way to do that is to buy John Scalzi works!

  3. Yes, I know. I suck.

    That’s not relevant. What it’s important is wether the book will be any good. No pressure though.

  4. It’s about an old, short-on-cash and out-to-pasture John Perry called ‘Are You Gonna Finish That?’


    A continuation of a plot thread from Human Division called either ‘Getting Head From Space Vessels’ (the ‘adult’ version) or ‘The Head Pilot Goes Home’ (the melancholy version).


    A willful Zoe Perry and her minders embark on a fun-filled journey of self-discovery across future North America called ‘Two Aliens and a Girl’

  5. @Greg: Here’s what’s listed on the main site as the Old Man’s War series:

    Old Man’s War (2005)
    The Ghost Brigades (2006)
    The Last Colony (2007)
    Zoe’s Tale (2008)
    The Human Division (2013)

    Since this is going to be book six, I assume it’s the Human Division sequel he mentioned a little while back.

  6. “Human Division 2: Electric Boogaloo”

    Yes, this is the conceptual equivalent of “first.” But it is five words. Alternatively:

    “We Only Need More Heads”

    or maybe

    “Houston, We Need More Heads”

  7. Extreme Squee! Quite coincidentally, I have just been re-reading the OMW series – am back at ch 3 of The Human Division. Currently, my view is that Ghost Brigades is the best of the series. I am delighted to know that I will at some point have not only HD2 but Yet Another one with which to make comparisons as to which is best.

    Yes, I know: total fangirl here at present!

  8. (goes back, counts books)
    Oh. Oh, OK, this is probably HD2 and I am leaping ahead. No matter – I can hope that there will indeed be Yet Another ie number seven, one day.
    In the meantime I will check myself in for a course in Basic Counting … :)

  9. I can now just imagine a giant game a la “Mastermind”, where instead of colors we have words:

    Hafte Sorvath Eats Another Churro : 2 white pegs
    John Perry’s Super Happy Adventure: 1 black peg, one white peg.


  10. I too am confused. Is this the “Human Division” sequel? Or another, more traditionally structured OMW book? You posted that THD2 had a working title a few days ago, which I suppose is technically not the same as being actively written, but I think that’s how most interpreted that post. And does this mean that you don’t plan to serialize the next OMW book?

  11. I will put my extra money on something that fits the pattern “The _______ of the ________”. If I had any extra money.

  12. @Tim Maddox

    I’m very sad that “Shadow War of the Night Dragons” is 6 words.

    Yes, but you’re overlooking the awesome power of the hyphen. I can think of two different places a hyphen could solve your problem in that title, and I’m open to suggestions for a third.

  13. *dies of awesome and rage and frantic, manic desire*

    You’re going to kill us all at this rate, sir.

  14. Fantastic news. I’m rereading The Ghost Brigades, as I plow through the OMW universe for the fourth or fifth time. Can’t wait!

  15. I can just hear that throat-frothy voice softly singing, “Delusions are a boy’s best friend…”

  16. I think quite a few people are confusing the Old Man’s War “universe” with the Old Man’s War “series”. I thought THD and its upcoming sequel are in the OMW universe but using characters who rarely (or never) appear in the original 4 books. So calling this book 5 (NOT 6) makes sense to me.
    But that means that the Perrys, their closest friends, and 2 powerful enigmatic aliens are the most likely set of main characters. Not Harry Wilson and his associates.

  17. Cool.
    In my delusion The Human Division project is in addition to the Old Mans War project. I am perfectly comfy with this delusion.

  18. Sounds like you’re writing briefings for the NSA. Aside from that, I look forward to someday reading this mystery piece after the Freedom of Information act makes it public in a redacted form.

  19. To be clear, we can at least be sure you’re not MRK saying this? Please don’t give all five replies in answer.

  20. *insert hypersonic squeel here*

    Your comedic work is pretty good, but simply not for me – but I absolutely love the OMW stuff. So YAY!

  21. John would get a good place in my heart if he answers spoiler questions with RAFO (read and find out) to show homage to the master(Robert Jordan).

  22. I don’t know WHAT they are, but I’m guessing that the title words will be short and monosyllabic. The main text will be longer at 7 words, and the afterword will revert to the 5 word count.

  23. OK, nit picking time…
    If the five are OMW, Ghost Brigades, Last Colony, Zoe’s Tale, and Human Division,
    does this mean Sagan’s Diary is not considered part of the OMW cannon?

  24. I’ll wait semi-patiently for the next. But would like to report that Foyles bookstore on Charing Cross Rd. has four Scaliz titles for sale. Some in multiples. Now to me that’s arriving as a writer. But then I really, really think Foyles is the best ever book store.

  25. The Gods Must Be Crazy
    — a book from the point of view of the “werewolves” of Roanoke

  26. “I’ll pop up every once in a while with an update. Until then, just assume that in the absence of new information, everything is going along perfectly. I thank you in advance for agreeing to this comfortable delusion.”

    That’s beautiful. Truly. And exceedingly applicable to how I run things myself, particularly in my private blogging endeavours.

    Mind if I borrow this on occasion (with, of course, due credit)?

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