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For the Avoidance of Doubt

This comment on John C. Wright’s Intercollegiate Review article, purporting to be from me, and reported on here (and since updated and corrected), was not written by me. I wrote a comment replying to it noting such, but for some reason I can’t see it (although others apparently can, so). I did, however, write this comment, […]

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“Unlocked” Now at Tor.com

Those of you who were waiting for “Unlocked” to show up on Tor.com and thereby depriving my darling child of shoes and a college education* — your wait is over, because it’s now up for the reading over there.** Enjoy. * Not really. She has several pairs of shoes. Aaaaaand probably she’ll get a college […]

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Notes on This Year’s Hugo Voter’s Packet

My Twitter feed in a tizzy this morning because Orbit books, which has three of the Hugo Best Novel nominees this year, has decided not to put the full books into the Hugo Voters Packet, opting instead to put in “extended previews.” The ostensible reasoning for that is here; a joint statement from the authors […]

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The Big Idea: Rose Fox and Daniel José Older

When editors Rose Fox and Daniel José Older started out to create their anthology Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, they did so with a mission: To offer stories with more than the “usual suspects” of fantasy characters and tropes — to give space to stories and people outside of the expected. Here’s how […]

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