A Question for the Evening, 5/14/14

How many current phone numbers can you recite from memory?

The question comes from a discussion Krissy and I were having about how few current phone numbers either of us know, because in this day and age, one’s cell phone, with its contact list, takes care of everything for you. This is opposed to, say, twenty years ago, when one actually probably had a substantial number of phone numbers memorized, for friends and family and co-workers.

Twenty years ago, I probably know two or three dozen phone numbers off the top of my head. Today, I know exactly six: My landline number, my cell phone number, my wife and daughter’s cell phone numbers, my wife’s work number and my mother-in-law’s phone number. Everything else is handled by my cell phone contact list. I’d like to think I’m using those reclaimed neurons for important things, but I suspect they’re being used to store information about Harry Potter characters or something.

So: Off the top of my head, I know six current phone numbers. Do you know fewer? Or more?

On the Subject of Who Can’t Win a Hugo Today



For the record, I couldn’t win a Hugo today, either. It’s that whole “I wasn’t nominated this year” thing. It’s probably a conspiracy. I blame the Templars.