Daisy Practices Her “I Am Very Sad In a Way That Only Food Will Solve” Face

It’s a pretty impressive look. Sometimes it even works!

(A reminder to people about to comment on her chunkiness that she is half mastiff. She looks chunky no matter what.)

30 Comments on “Daisy Practices Her “I Am Very Sad In a Way That Only Food Will Solve” Face”

  1. See, actually she’s just notifying you that she is a Weeping Angel. If you blink for a moment, I’ll bet you three imaginary Internet cookies that she’ll magically be another foot closer to you in exactly the same position….

    I’d advise against blinking.

  2. We have a hound dog that has a very similar look. She has been known to bamboozle complete strangers into giving her cookies with that “Oh poor me” face!

  3. She looks like she’s doing her very best to pull herself in small so you can tell how tiny and deprived she is. She’s an Oscar winner, that one!

  4. We have cats who can do the same thing – try to convince you that the roundness behind their “I am a famine victim” face is in fact starvation bloat, and not that they’re overweight.

  5. Reminds me of a Garfield strip: Garfield petitions for food; Jon reminds him that he was fed only a half hour ago; Garfield responds, “Do you know how long that is in cat minutes?!”

  6. I have a dachshund/chihuahua mix that has perfected this look, too. If that look doesn’t work, though, she’ll jump up and push on your leg while in the air to ask for a treat.

  7. It all started when we wanted company beside a fire in some dark, dank cave. A ‘heads up’ for danger was appreciated too. And now, well, barking at something in the dark is still appreciated(unless they really get going and we bark at them to get in the house), but I have to say, dogs invested well over the millennia. I, however, digress. Cute dog!

  8. People always think my dogs are overweight. But then my dogs are keeshonden, and are 99.5% fur by volume. Once someone actually pets one of my dogs for the first time, their response is usually along the lines of “Wow! It’s all fur! I just thought they were really fat!” (Um… Thanks?)

  9. The BACK half is mastiff, right?

    And what’s the other half?

  10. OK, in my defense, in early pictures Daisy had the look of a young lab, and labs have an unfortunate tendency to pack on the pounds once they hit 4 or 5. Now that you mention mastiff, I see it, and she looks fine and she’s probably taller than she looks in the pictures anyway.

  11. Actually, she is probably just thinking dog thoughts: “You know, I should go see if the cat left me any snacks in his box” or “I ought to find something really stinky to roll in and then jump on the sofa before they can stop me” or “Tonight I’ll get under John’s bed and fart all night! Won’t that be fun!”

  12. I too am curious as to what her other half is. She looks to me like she might also be part Anatolian shepherd or Kangal. We have a 12 month old Anatolian ourselves who has also perfected that same sad brown eyes look …

  13. So is she a good actress or is she really the mascot at Lake Wobegon High?

  14. Feed that poor deprived pup this instant, you cruel monster! Look at her! You’d eat your feelings too, if they were as intensely sad as the ones she has roiling –ROILING I tell you–within her canine breast..

  15. Doesn’t hurt (much; hate needles) to check everyone’s thyroid regularly. (I was undiagnosed for quite probably over a decade, and my mom only got diagnosed by accident, and then she nagged me into getting tested. The lost quality of life from Not Knowing has made me a fanatic! Get tested; don’t go through what I did!)

  16. Your poor adorable staaaarving dog. My cat and dog do this as a team to ensure an unlimited supply of treats. I am an obedient servant.

  17. To me, she looks deeply worried – worried that perhaps there are no more treats in the dog-cookie jar.

  18. My thought: She’s not the only one to think this! LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  19. That is a fairly impressive starving look. In this house, however, we have bassets. Nothing, but nothing does pathetic and starving looks like a basset.