In Which the Twitters Play On My Lawn

So, first I posted this.

In retrospect, I guess I was asking for it.

I stopped there, else risk insanity.

25 Comments on “In Which the Twitters Play On My Lawn”

  1. I should note there were others, but I didn’t RT tweet them all (because I had to occasionally step away from the Twitters, you see, and tend to the rest of my life). If you look through my Twitter replies list you’re likely to see more.

  2. On the one hand I am highly amused. On the other hand, I wonder why people have so much time on their hands and I don’t. On the third hand, I am highly amused.

  3. Mark – I will very happily enjoy the fact that other people can do things like this. It’s nice to be easily amused.

  4. I think I must point out that there’s cruelty to your offspring here; one moment Athena is looking forward to a glorious summer lounging in the sun on your rolling acres, and then the entire lawn is invaded by alien species wearing kilts which you show no signs of repelling.

    And, whilst I would back Krissy against the Golden Horde with one hand tied behind her back, leaving it to her would be an abnegation of your parental responsibilities…

  5. since we never see pictures of john riding a lawnmower, how about pictures of the people John is paying to keep his lawn looking nice?

  6. considering he lives in the boondocks… could be a picture of one of his neighbors with a flock of goats on his lawn keeping it nice and trim…

  7. My wife is *weeping* at all that lovely grass without one pony in sight.

  8. Too bad now one photoshopped a large flock of Electric Blue Sheep into the picture. ya know, just in case we have a coronation to plan…

  9. If I wanted to know all about what you were doing via Twitter, I would follow you on Twitter. But I don’t, so I don’t. At some point social media leaves a very distinct marketing taste.

  10. gregm, why not just say ‘humbug’ and leave it at that? I know lots of people who are not marketing a single thing who love the connections they have made via Twitter with hundreds or thousands of other tweeps who are not marketing a single thing, so perhaps you just don’t know as much about Twitter as you could.

  11. @Guess: since we never see pictures of john riding a lawnmower, how about pictures of the people John is paying to keep his lawn looking nice?

    Yon writer bears the pinched and hateful look of a man who cruelly makes his offspring mow the lawns.

  12. The twitter response is pretty funny. Here’s a challenge: cut the thing yourself, for charity, with a Masport Utility 530. Have people pay $5 to offer a time estimate for completion with said lawnmower. Winner gets the (washed or unwashed?) T-shirt you wore while cutting the lawn. The money goes to a charity of your choice.

  13. I found you a few months ago…wait that sounds creeptastic…I found your BLOG a few months ago. Since then I have enjoyed reading a bunch of your books and generally found I liked your brand of sarcasm and wit. However, I LOVE YOUR [CURATED] FANS EVEN MORE. Thank you for keeping the dipsticks at bay.

  14. I thought that was a stray left-over leaf in the upper corner until I remembered “Scalzi’s Yard(tm)” = “that’s a big darn dog in the corner of the pic”

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