Today’s New Books and ARCs, 5/19/14

A pretty nifty collection of new books and ARCs, I have to say. Is there anything in the stack that makes you squee? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Wow. Robert McCammon. I read Swan Song in high school and my torn and tattered, much re-read copy lives on my bookshelf to this day. I read one or two of his other books, but haven’t thought about checking in on his work in years.

    Time to fix that, I think.

  2. Hurricane Fever. (Also, it’s weird when there’s a title that’s the same as something else I’ve read – in this case, The Leopard, from 1960, by Lampedusa and a couple other names I can’t remember.) (One that ticked me off years ago was NIght of Ghosts and Shadows, by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon, which was earlier a Poul Anderson title. Not mad at the authors, because they tend not to be the ones assigning a title.)

  3. Squeelessness achieved. Bova & McCammon look interesting, but aren’t on the To Get list or anything. The rest… =shrugs= nada.

    Maybe I need to go back & watch the new GOTG trailer again for squeeage to occur. =)

  4. Hey John. You are a very busy man – yiou could just readdress all the books and ARCs that come in to me and I could send them back with reviews, summaries, and trenchant commentary – think of the time you could save!

  5. Got my first taste of Jeff Salyard’s work in an anthology recently and thought he was really solid. Might have to check out his novel-length efforts.

  6. Bradley Denton’s “Sargent Chip” is a phenomenal novella. I might pick that book up, because I’m all lovey-dovey about Subterranean Press.

  7. For me… Sargent Chip. I have never read anything else by Bradley Denton, but that novella has stayed with me ever since I first read it in a magazine (Analog? Asimov? back then.. those were the choices). I am very eager to find out what else a writer who can create a character like Chip has done. It’s actually on my list… but I am not reading anything except Hugo nominated works for a while. Maybe a long while.

  8. “Longshoreman of the Apocalypse” makes me laugh. Robert McCammon makes me feel nostalgic, and mmm… is that a Tobias Bucknell?

  9. Frostborn! I’m so looking forward to reading that with my kids.

    I was also going to say: I know I could look it up, but I’m lazy. Is Hurricane Fever a sequel-ish to Arctic Rising? But then I just went ahead and looked it up. I don’t see mention of Anika, but another character, Prudence “Roo” Jones, is in both books. I’m guessing it’s meant to 100% be standalone but, hey, I liked Roo a lot. So that’s fun.

  10. Also, I keep looking to see when you’ll get Brad Metzger’s new children’s book about Rosa Parks, because that’s the first book my kids have ever been excited about pre-release, and we learned about the first two books in a Big Idea piece here. (Also, the book comes out just a FEW days after my daughter’s birthday, and I need to figure out how to get it a couple of days early…)

  11. Schlock Mercenary: Longshoreman of the Apocalypse–just the title makes me squee.

  12. Sergeant Chip was in a Best of the Year anthology a year or two ago. Excellent story from a unique narrative POV. Wm. Faulkner wrote from some interesting perspectives, but would never have come up with an ethically complex and lethal Labradoodle as a protagonist.
    I’d be anxious to read some of Bradley Denton’s other stuff in the novella length.

  13. Whee! River of Souls landed on the doorstep this afternoon, so I’m left with Bradley Denton as my next choice. Haven’t read anything of his since Lunatics and One Day Closer to Death.

  14. You appear to get a free copy of everything that SubPress publishes. MY squee is tinged with a discordant note of jealousy. :-)

  15. Howard Tayler has been putting out one comic a day, no vacations, no backup artists, for more than a decade. I think it’s the very definition of hardcore.

    The fact that it’s a science fiction comic that is designed to be more-or-less kid-friendly* but with fully realized and thought out plotlines while being funny is even more incredible. And he has yet to win a Hugo. Maybe this will be the year?

    *No foul language, though it’s sometimes implied.

  16. A new Tobias Buckell? Damn, haven’t got through the old ones yet… but yes, please.

  17. I almost didn’t notice Longshoreman of the Apocalypse on the bottom there. That is my very favorite book. Anyone interested can read it free over on the Schlock Mercenary site.

  18. Rescue Mode. I graduated from high school with Les Johnson and finished one spot ahead of him so I get to tell people I graduated ahead of a NASA rocket scientist, and now author of multiple books.

  19. A new Tobias Buckell is always a source of glee. And Shlock Mercenary’s Longshoreman of the Apocalypse sets a new high-water mark for inappropriate use of artillery in problem-solving.

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