ComicPalooza Check In

And it is:

I’m having a lovely time here in Houston: everyone is friendly, people seem to be happy, and I got to see people I like, including a friend of mine from high school with whom I had a wonderful time catching up on each others’ lives. Plus this:

So I’ve got that going for me.

Today’s schedule includes a panel on Financial Tough Love for Writers at 2pm (room 370E) followed by a signing at the Barnes & Noble booth. If you’re here at ComicPalooza, hope to see you at one or both.

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  1. and it’s a lovely day here in Shelby County, OH, as I’m sure it’s lovely in Darke County, too. While tomorrow is a holiday for a lot of people, some of the people with whom I served in the Navy (and other branches, too) are still at work. Let’s not forget them or the ones who went before.

  2. Did you ask Sylvester what he was doing in that awful Rick Santorum “Christmas Candle” movie?

  3. If you ever do meet Sylvester again, I have a few questions…How did the Doctor get the Hand of Omega? Why did he decide to bury it on Earth? How did the Daleks find out he had it? What was Lady Peinforte’s secret? Is the Doctor really a Time Lord? And while I know he was only in the movie for about fifteen minutes, what’s the deal with the Doctor being half human?

  4. John Scalzi > One Doctor Who! But Four Doctors > Scalzi, so I had to miss the second panel since they starred opposite. My flippant summary would have been “Give all your money to Chrissy Scalzi”, but I know you wrote a book on the subject. Sadly that book joins Isaac Asimov’s “An Easy Guide to the Slide Rule” (something my school library still had), and Neil Gaiman’s book on Duran Duran. Though the latter is now worth hundreds of dollars since it combines two fandoms.

    Oh, and sorry for babbling a bit at you on the walk down to the book seller on Saturday, John. Too many backed up thoughts in my brain, I’m afraid.

    hartly: Answer for #1 is: Money.
    #2: The first several questions can be answered by Andrew Cartmel. Google “the Cartmel Plan” for more information, but basically, it was about bringing the mystery back to the Doctor’s past, with implications that he was one of the three great founding members of Gallifreyan society. The last question was answered by Paul McGann: The show had such a very long history, that he didn’t realize this was new information to fans or the canon. He just thought it was something he himself hadn’t been aware of before. But he’d make the kiss last longer if he could.

  5. I met Mr. McCoy in the 90s.

    He was/is lovely and completely AWESOME and I was hard pressed not to hug him on sight and not just because he was the Doctor, but because he’s lovely and completely AWESOME.

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