And Now, the First Ripe Strawberry of the Season

And for the record: It tasted perfect.

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  2. Did you make a Kaylee-face while eating it? We should have a photo of you making a Kaylee-face while eating a strawberry. Plus, then you get to eat more strawberries, until you get the photo you want!

  3. I miss good strawberries. Here in California we get big gorgeous decorative strawberries that taste kind of like cardboard, though occasionally there’ll be smaller ones in the stores with some flavor, or at the farmers’ markets. And a large flat of semi-boring strawberries still *smells* like a smaller quantity of the real thing.

    I have one friend who grows strawberries in her garden, but doing that requires a really heavy-duty security system of fences above and below ground to keep out the deer, gophers, birds, raccoons, and other competitors for her strawberry crop.

  4. It’s those *perfect* bites that make me wish there was a duplicator out there, so we could record items and reproduce them at will….sigh.

  5. Oooooh! Mine are still green. I keep staring at them like that will make them ripen faster, but so far it hasn’t worked. Probably another 4 weeks up here in the maritime PNW.

  6. Took the trike out Sunday to a new farmstand just a short pedal up the road–owner is a woman I taught pottery to at summer camp in Connecticut 20-odd years ago. I had all good intentions of buying kale and collards, and came home with a 12-pint flat of strawberries instead.

  7. Was it homegrown? Those are the best if you can pull it off. Second best is going to a pick-your-own place and doing just that. That way you can dispose of the evidence if a berry is just slightly too ripe to make it home.

  8. Sadistic bustert! We are still a couple weeks away here on the frozen tundra. Now all I can think about is the taste of a real strawberry so unlike the pressed board imitations avaliable year-round.

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