Today’s Books and ARCs, 5/29/14

I’m at BEA today, so leaving you this stack of new books and ARCs to peruse seems doubly appropriate. See anything here that makes you want to rush to the book store to buy and/or pre-order? Let me know in the comments!

22 Comments on “Today’s Books and ARCs, 5/29/14”

  1. ooh, Ring of Fire at sea. Might need to re-read the Hornblower books to get in the mood while I wait

  2. The Ian Douglas (William H. Keith) Star Carrier Book 5 came out as a e-book two days ago and I finished it last night. Each one in the series pushes the envelope further and further into the future and is the essence of what Space Opera should be. One needs to start with Book 1 to follow the continuity but he really writes well! Recommended.

  3. After the marvelous panel on the 1632 series at Balticon last week-end,I can’t wait for Commander Cantrell! (I had never heard of the 1632 Minicons, but I hope to go in 2015.)

  4. The Quick and Thorn Jack are what strike me here, but it also reminds me to finally get to Marcus Sakey’s The Brilliance before too much longer.

  5. For once there are multiple authors on the stack that i’ve actually read. I like both Hoyt and Flint/Gannon. Have the latter book in my Amazon waitlist, but hadn’t heard about the Hoyt yet. Have to look it up.

  6. After further review, I find the Hoyt is an omnibus of a couple of books I already have and have read and enjoyed, so I don’t need it. But in the process I found that a third book in the series is just out, so I ordered it.

  7. I read Thorn Jack as part of the Harper Voyager Super Reader program. The author has a decent premise but it really reads like a teen book, she spends wayyyy too much time telling us what the characters are wearing. When I heard that the author wrote the book when she was 17 I wasn’t really surprised.

    My hubby is read The Quick, he’s enjoying it thus far. It’s getting good reviews!

  8. Oh crap, not again: “Ring of Fire at sea” is something I’m not immediately seeing.
    My current opinion about books that have Eric Flint as an author is that the _story_ is good but the writing is not to my current tastes, and that I may not recall correctly which name I associate with books that have a great story but are such a tedious read.

  9. Read Ian Douglas, book 4, just wish it would be less technical and more story driven. Him and Weber have the tendency to overkill on the technical explanation at the expense of moving the story along.

  10. Without knowing anything about it as yet, The Bone Chime Song looks most interesting.

  11. What is BEA? I noticed the star carrier books for a while but never read them. Positive review got my attention.

  12. A Better World, for sure. I read and greatly enjoyed Sakey’s Brilliance.

  13. I’ve read the Ring of Fire book, very good. Lots of Hornblower action and and devious derring-do both on the seas and off.

  14. The Ian Douglas book, since I just purchased it for my Nook. I’ve enjoyed the rest of the books in the series and, while I agree with someone before that he gets a bit technical, the plot is good and the writing keeps one’s attention.

  15. hoyt sarah night shifters
    Flinthart dirk path of night
    anderton joanne bone chime song
    owen lauren quick, the
    rodriguez deborah margarita wednesdays
    mezrich ben seven wonders
    douglas ian star carrier – dark matter book 5
    sakey marcus better world, a brilliance book 2
    harbour katherine thorn jack
    flint eric gannon charles e 1636: commander cantrell

    Of course the last one: 1636: Commander Cantrell in the West Indies (The Ring of Fire) by Eric Flint, Charles E. Gannon. Learning is fun.

  16. No idea what ‘Margarita Wednesday’s’ are, but I like the concept. Great follow-up to Taco Tuesdays. Now if I can just get the local cantina on board…

  17. Sakey’s A Better World, which I’ve just pre-ordered for Kindle. Thanks for the heads-up.

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