My Adventures at BEA

Photo by Diana Pho

I’ve got a couple of minutes before I have to head over to the airport to go back home (hooray!), so I thought I would give a brief recap of my Book Expo America for 2014.

The short form was that it was busy. Tor is (I am pleased┬áto say) very excited about Lock In, and I am happy to talk to people endlessly about it, so basically that’s what I did for two days straight, with meetings and interviews and signings and standing on random New York City street corners, just babbling. Thursday in particular was jam-packed; I got into a car at 9:30 to start my day, and then got out of a car at 9:30 to finish it, and in the 12 hours in between I don’t think I stopped moving even once. It was a lot, but I’d honestly rather be busy all day at BEA than not.

Some highlights of BEA for me:

* Doing the appearance with Douglas Preston (pictured above), whose newest novel, The Kraken Project, is a hell of a page-turner. He and I talked about the future, in that way that people who write about the future so often do. Douglas is a genuinely lovely person and great fun to chat with, and our half hour together was a really excellent conversation. has a writeup of our event here.

* The other panel event I did was “The Worst Social Media Advice Ever,” in which I, Maureen Johnson, Bill Barnes and Ron Hogan (who graced the stage as the moderator) did our very best to offer ever single person, yes, the worst social media advice ever. I don’t think it’s any surprise that with crew we succeeded. Someone on Twitter suggested that it was probably the most sarcastic panel that has ever happened at BEA, and I wouldn’t doubt it. I look forward to the writeups. In the meantime, know that on the panel I formulated “The Physics of the Straight White Male,” which I will detail at some later time, here on Whatever.

* I attempted to steal a taxidermied fox for Jenny Lawson.

Somehow this later involved William Shatner tweeting to both me and Jenny. My life is odd.

* Stopped by the SFWA booth and got to see all the folks there in a totally refreshing “I don’t have to be responsible for any of this in any way, shape or form” sort of way. There was a lot of traffic there, which was awesome. Later on also hung out with some SFWA folks and caught up on everything, whilst also have Nutella pizza. Yes, it’s a thing.

* Also got to spend lots of time with all my Tor/Macmillan peeps, who are more fun than I think any other publishing peeps anywhere (sorry, all you other publishing peeps). It’s excellent to be able to actually like the people with whom you are selling and promoting a book, and I’m really happy I get to be one of those people who do.

* Crashed Drinklings and had a fine time of that.

* Made my daughter jealous by meeting Rainbow Rowell, the author of Eleanor & Park. She is a delightful person. Also made the acquaintance of Ben Tripp, who is dryly sarcastic.

* Had dinner with Tor folks one night, and Subterranean Press folks the other, and was delighted that Scott Westerfeld crashed the latter meal; he’s one of my favorite people. And, look at this:

I suspect that banner is larger than many NYC apartments.

Plus the delight of seeing so many friends and publishing folks who I like and admire that if I tried to mention them all I would go one forever and still miss some of them. Suffice to say that no matter how busy I was, the fact I got to see so many people I like means that I was never tired.

In short, a truly excellent BEA. I’m glad I came.