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The 2014 Lock In Tour + How to Get Signed Books (Even If You Can’t Make the Tour)

And here are the places, dates and times: Tuesday, August 26th (7:00 PM) Brazos Bookstore Houston, TX Wednesday, August 27th (7:00 PM) BookPeople Austin, TX Thursday, August 28th (7:30 PM) Quail Ridge Books & Music Raleigh, NC Friday, August 29th (7:00 PM) Flyleaf Books Chapel Hill, NC Saturday, August 30th (4:15 PM) Decatur Book Festival […]

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Lock In Gets a Starred Review From Kirkus

Hooray! That’s two starred reviews for the book now, including the one from Publishers Weekly. The Kirkus review in full is here, but here’s a nice pull quote: “This SF thriller provides yet more evidence that Scalzi is a master at creating appealing commercial fiction.” Indeed, making commercial fiction is my job. I’m glad Kirkus […]

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Various & Sundry, 6/25/14

Because I want to hit several subjects in a very quick fashion: 1. Yay! Warrants for cell phones! I’m not always 100% pleased with the Supreme Court these days, but this decision — unanimous — is spot on. It’s already been noted that requiring a warrant these days means very little when warrants are dispensed […]

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Saturday Fiddling

Saturday is traditionally the day here with the lowest number of visits, which means it’s a good day for me to fiddle with the format and design of the blog. I’m probably going to do that today. So if the site suddenly looks vastly different to you, don’t panic. I’m just trying out new things. […]

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Yog’s Law and Self-Publishing

Many years ago, writer Jim Macdonald postulated “Yog’s Law,” a handy rule of thumb for writers about the direction money is meant to flow in publishing: “Money flows toward the writer.” This is handy because it will give the writer pause when she has a publisher (or agent, or editor) who says that in order […]

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