The Worst Social Media Advice Ever

Me and Maureen Johnson and Bill Barnes and Ron Hogan (as moderator) offered it up at Book Expo America this year. has a writeup. You’ll want to read it. And follow every word of it.

10 Comments on “The Worst Social Media Advice Ever”

  1. And it’s a good point, because who am I, if not the friend of Neil and Wil and Amanda? It’s the commutative property of awesomeness.

    I’m pretty sure you want the transitive property instead.

  2. Maureen Johnson, huh? I would have SWORN that was Athena pulling a super-serious face in that picture. I had to go to Maureen Johnson’s website and make sure.

  3. You did the Straight White Male mansplaining thing perfectly. Did you have time to rehearse that with Maureen, or are you just both brilliant improvisors?

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