My Bit of the Paul & Storm Concert, Recorded

YouTube user TransMatrix recorded me doing my comedy bit at the Paul and Storm concert on Friday, which includes me wandering about stage for a while, and then doing a skit with Amber Benson. And here it is! Enjoy. The whole bit is about 40 minutes.

7 Comments on “My Bit of the Paul & Storm Concert, Recorded”

  1. That’s fun — I liked the part where reading dialog that you’d written was cracking you up. LubricantGrrl indeed…

  2. Yay for nerds who dance -> i’m not going to lie: my internal dialogue usually includes “am i going to see these people again ever? if not, who cares how silly i look out there on the dance floor?” Although my arms may stay a little lower than my shoulder, most of the time.

  3. Maaaaavelous. For someone who is not a professional comedian, you do stand-up very well. I am a big Monty Python fan, so the bit where you talk about your daughter saying ” I think I’ll go for a walk” had me literally laughing out loud.

  4. I always say there is a fine line between brave and stupid. Often we don’t know which line we cross until after we do the thing. Turns out you were brave to do this. Well done. I tell funny stories from the stage a lot, but the words “stand up” scare the shit out of me.

  5. I love that story of how you and Krissy met; the kaffeeklatsch at SFContario where I first heard you tell it is my favourite memory of that weekend.

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