Today’s New Books and ARCS, 6/10/14

Booksies, my precious! These are books that are out now or are about to be. See anything here that makes your heart flutter? Let me know in the comments.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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well, the Wool, that goes without saying, especially since it’s a Sub Press edition. The Daniel H. Wilson as well. Haven’t (or at least don’t remember) heard about the Girl with all the Gifts book, I will have to look into that one some.

I haven’t read the Howey books yet, but my wife really liked them. Robopocalypse was good enough that I’d read the sequel. Stirling has written some good stuff. I’m not familiar with the rest of it.

The Girl With All The Gifts has been getting wonderful buzz, plus I really enjoyed Mike Carey’s Castor Felix series, so that’s my first choice. I have added the Howey books to my to buy later list, but I’ve also declared July a no buying books month, because there are 14 books on the tbr shelf right now.

Wool just showed up on a friend’s “what should I read” comment list so I think that might have to be an ebook purchase or a trip to my library. Like others, people’s comments about The Girl With All The Gifts have piqued my interest.

Wool, Shift, and Dust by Subterranean Press compose a signed numbered set, collectively worth $180. And they…just sent them to you, John? /gulp, must become internet-famous!

TMW: Love, of which Mailbag Monday is a smile on dreary mondays. Saw your face – and heard your words! – on The Atheist Experience of all places. Next I’ll discover you’re a regular there. (Yes, I am that lame.)

The “new books and ARCs” entries are almost as troubling as the “Big Idea” entries. If I spend too much time at them, I find my “to read” list is overwhelmed.

Saw the Howey books. Hit his website, Amazon, Goodreads. Convinced not only to add it to my list, but that the omnibus edition may be purchased in the next few minutes and my current book may get pushed aside.

Very frustrating.

Then I came here (I usually read the blog via email/rss) and most of the comments included something positive about the series.

Less frustrating.

It is all good frustration, but frustration nonetheless. There aren’t enough hours left in my life to cover all the reading I want to do….

Wright’s “Cataloguing the World” looks like the thing that could be awesome and a learning experience (The Professor and the Madman, say, or Into Thin Air) or dry and dull, depending on presentation. Looking forward to checking it out.

Wait – I thought Stirling had stopped writing “The General” series with THE REFORMER.

The last two have been co-written by Drake and Eric Flint (THE TYRANT) and Tony Daniel (THE HERETIC). Unless this is another compilation.

Popping in way to late, but Kym Lindsey: “Beyond that, I love the “General” series.”

This IS the “General” series, reissued yet again. You have read this already and I doubt they’ve even rescanned the maps.

But note there are two recent books in the larger series, “The Heretic” and “The Savior”, set on another planet, this one looking a lot like ancient Egypt.

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