New Books and ARCs, 6/13/14

And to take us into the weekend, another stack of books and ARCs that have recently arrived at the Scalzi Compound. What looks good to you? Let me know in the comments!

32 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 6/13/14”

  1. I want Multiverse. (And isn’t the Lackey a reprint from sometime back in the ’90s? I think I had it, at one point…)

  2. I found it interesting that I knew automatically that the bottom four books were by the same group, even before I saw the Baen logo. Good job, Baen cover standards enforcer!

  3. I’ve been looking forward to Spell or High Water since I read the first one earlier this year and found out the second one was coming. Some really funny, witty banter dialogue. That said, Multiverse looks really interesting, as everyeone else seems to have said first.

  4. Multiverse. Hope there’s at least one Polesotechnic League story in it.

  5. Drift.

    A world where cities are built on giant turtles. What’s not to like about that? The fact that we haven’t learned to harness the power of giant turtles is a testament to our failure as a species.

  6. _Spell or High Water_ should be good – the first book, _Off to be the Wizard_ was quite entertaining.

  7. Magic for Beginners is one of my favorite books of short stories. The title story sucks me in every time I read it!

  8. The Fire Rose? I’ve had that for years in hardback, is it just *now* coming out in paperback??

    Multiverse and Drift sound interesting too. I have Magic for Beginners in ebook from the first HumbleBundle, and I still haven’t finished it. I find I have to be in a particular frame of mind for Kelly Link, and I just haven’t been lately.

  9. I keep hearing good things about Kelly Link, tho I’ve never read her personally.

  10. I connect Kelly Link with Small Beer press, but I recently read that collection and it is wonderful. Multiverse looks fun too.

  11. Nope, the Fire Rose was available in paperback years and years ago. I know this, because I’ve got a battered copy in my library. It was Lackey’s first elemental masters book, I’m pretty sure. It’s probably been re-issued recently.

  12. Based entirely on the titles, Drift and Magic For Beginners sound interesting. “Monster Hunter Nemesis” sounds like a video game, or possibly an anime.

    Someday Baen is going to get new cover design and nobody is going to recognize them.

  13. Poul Anderson. Best SF writer ever. Recently re-read the entire re-issued Polesotechnic/Flandry series, reminded me of finding ‘the good stuff’ over 40 years ago. ‘Satan’s World’ was the first ‘adult’ book I ever bought.

    I’ m still amazed that the Flandry series was never considered as a movie franchise.

  14. Reading the reviews of commenters above, I guess I need to add a few more books to my list.

    Poul Anderson was one of my gateway authors for Science and Speculative Fiction, so I”ll check that book out.

    I’ve really enjoyed Kratman’s Carrera series.

  15. Ditto @ Rob. An early 90s sleeper, Twistor by John Cramer, apparently came from that speculative path & style, and its similarity to the Anderson way was why I liked that one too.

  16. Ah, Baen books and their terrible, terrible cover art.

    Magic For Beginners, on the other hand, is frickin’ excellent.

  17. You know, I always get jealous every time you do this and there is some new treat from Subterranean Press sitting there. They do good books!

  18. Is it bad that this is usually the place where I find out there’s a new Monster Hunter book for me to buy?

  19. I love the series, but for some reason I don’t go anywhere that new additions get announced but here.

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