Lock In Earns a Starred Review From Publishers Weekly

I mean, today was going to be a pretty good day anyway — my wife is coming home after a trip and it’s the 21st anniversary of our first date — but a starred PW review is icing on the cake, I’d say.

The whole review is here for your perusal, but here’s a pull quote:

“Hugo-winner Scalzi (Redshirts) successfully shifts away from space opera with this smart, thoughtful near-future thriller resonant with the themes of freedom, ethics, and corporate greed… This powerful novel will intrigue and entertain both fans and newcomers.”


I have more good news for Lock In, which I’ll reveal when I’m allowed, but for now, this is more than enough to start the work week.

20 Comments on “Lock In Earns a Starred Review From Publishers Weekly”

  1. Excellent! I’ve been wondering – was going to ask at Worldcon but will now ask here – are you seeing Lock In as a sort of breakout novel, ie, one that will appeal to a wider audience outside genre as well as to genre fans?

  2. Sooz:

    Interestingly enough Redshirts did very well for me outside the usual genre fans — it was funny and was about a concept that is no longer just confined to genre readers — but yes, this is a book that I think can also appeal to readers outside the genre.

  3. I’m not sure how important the genre markers are anymore for younger readers. My home serves as the go to library for quite a few people, half of which are around 30. None of them ever asks what genre a book is. When I tell them I’ve finished book X and that it’s rather good they are happy to read it.

    Of course any one person’s ‘reading group’ is a self-selected crowd, so it’s statistically irrelevant what happens there but I would be very interested to learn of any good study that would be able to break down those kinds of reading habits among different age groups.

  4. So you’re under lock down, for fear of being locked up, if you should unlock the news about Lock In. Locky you :)

  5. Looking forward to the audio on this one. Looks interesting and a little different from your other work.

  6. Scalzi, you write “space opera”? The only books I can remember you writing that might fall under that designation is the OLD MAN’S WAR series – because they do, after all, have spaceships and alien worlds in them. THE ANDROID’S DREAM and AGENT TO THE STARS are both comedies with SF-type themes.

    That said, WTG on the Starred PW Review! :)

  7. I love that a number of my favorite writers are releasing mystery novels right now. Besides Lock In, there’s Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, and J.K. Rowling’s about-to be released The Silkworm. Then we have Jim Butcher and Mary Robinette Kowal, both of whose current offerings are heist thrillers. It’s a good summer to be a fan of SF, fantasy and mystery!

  8. Timliebe:

    If one grants the the OMW series is Space Opera-y, it’s not entirely out of line for me to be known for space opera, as half my novels are in that universe.

  9. “…yes, this is a book that I think can also appeal to readers outside the genre.”

    Having read through my galley during BEA weekend, I heartily concur. Mystery fans with a taste for books like Gun Machine or The Last Policeman should find a lot to like here.

  10. @Ron Hogan: Mystery fans with a taste for books like Gun Machine or The Last Policeman should find a lot to like here.

    I thought it was impossible to look forward to Lock In even more than I already do. You’ve proven me wrong. Seriously? Those are two of my favorite cross-genre mysteries released in the last year or so!

  11. Is the good news that it’s coming out some time before August 26th? I foolishly read Unlocked already, and that just made me want to read Lock In even MORE. Gaaaaah. Though, if the July 9th date mentioned for the UK release above is for realsies, I may pick it up when I go to Ireland in early August.

  12. The July 9 pub date in UK is for the paperback and is for 2015, next year. Sorry UK fans.

  13. Thanks Ron Hogan – 2 new authors to try – both on hold at the library.
    I too am so looking forward to Lock In. Two of my favorite genres smooshed together.

  14. @ scalzi-
    Excellent writing I’m hooked & will buy locked in after the Tor preview.


    ‘scuse caps – it is that f’n good.

  15. Nice. I am a Amazon.com third or fourth week hard cover buyer by habit….but i may just have to splurge….as i have read every book you have put out….and am looking forward to this one alot after the Tor.com short story…..i dont know you….but through this site somehow i feel i know the guy you might be ….which just adds to my enjoyment of your writing……weird i know….but there you go…..so congrats on the star….i gather that is a thing.