Daily Archives: June 17, 2014

We Did This 19 Years Ago Today

And I would do it again. Yes I would. She would, too. I checked the other day. She said yes. Still.

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Joystiq Previews Midnight Star (Spoiler: They Really Like It)

Midnight Star, the mobile FPS video game I helped create (along with an accompanying graphic novel that I wrote), is thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to release, and Jessica Condit of Joystiq got her hands on it and did a little play testing. Her thoughts? “Midnight Star is a mobile FPS that works (no, really)” (that’s the article […]

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The Big Idea: Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson writes short stories and thinks about words apparently quite a lot. Those two enthusiasms collide in his collection, Irregular Verbs and Other Stories, which I read in a pre-press version and was rather impressed with. Below, Johnson muses on words, their provenance, and their power over us. MATTHEW JOHNSON: I’ve always loved the […]

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