Joystiq Previews Midnight Star (Spoiler: They Really Like It)

Midnight Star, the mobile FPS video game I helped create (along with an accompanying graphic novel that I wrote), is thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to release, and Jessica Condit of Joystiq got her hands on it and did a little play testing. Her thoughts?

“Midnight Star is a mobile FPS that works (no, really)” (that’s the article headline)

Midnight Star is a good mobile shooter.”

“It’s hard to believe some of this stuff is on an iPad.”

“If the entire game supports the mechanically manic, silky smooth sci-fi experience I felt during the demo, I’d say that by golly, they’ve done it.”

Oh, and this nice tip of the hat to Midnight Rises, the graphic novel:

“It’s a joy to read.”

Sweet. The whole article is here.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of this game, and of the people who I’m working on it with at Industrial Toys? In fact I have, but I’ll say it again: This is a great game, with a really exciting graphic novel, and I’ve loved working on it. I can’t wait for you all to see it.

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  1. deathemu – Poplar Grove, IL – I'm currently a community college student who is dabbling in writing fiction. While becoming a writer is not what I want for a career, I have always been interested in trying to amuse others. The dream now is to become a computer programmer (hopefully working on video games) and write a little on the side.

    Will this game be showing up on android or just apple? (I assume apple is a given because of the iPad quote above)

  2. It’s available on iPad/iPhone first, and I’m pretty sure will be ported to Android relatively quickly thereafter.

  3. Dan – Dan Hartensveld, CDIA is President of The EDI Project, a solution provider specializing in healthcare informatics. He has been working with large health insurers, providers and healthcare technology companies since 1996 involving complex data integration, claims automation, risk adjustment, The Affordable Care Act, HIE, HIX, to name a few. Lately, the company has been successful in developing and putting into production massively scaleable, analytics projects for use in processing "Big Data" sets.

    Can’t wait for Android as well. Pretty much consume anything you are involved with and so in this case, I’ll be in when it works on Android.

  4. Roy Sexton (Reel Roy Reviews) – I've been posting my movie musings on Facebook for a few years now, much to the chagrin of true arbiters of taste. I tend to go see whatever film has been most obnoxiously hyped, marketed, and oversold in any given films? Bah! Won't find too many of those discussed here. And every once in awhile, I may review a TV show, record album, theatrical production, or book (yeah, probably not too many of those)...and I may use this blog for some shameless self-promotion. Just a fair warning! Enjoy! Speaking of which - I now have a book! Order it here: Also, you can read my mom’s work at and check out my theatre group at
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