Saturday Fiddling

Saturday is traditionally the day here with the lowest number of visits, which means it’s a good day for me to fiddle with the format and design of the blog. I’m probably going to do that today. So if the site suddenly looks vastly different to you, don’t panic. I’m just trying out new things. If I like them, I’ll keep them. If I don’t, then it’ll go back to the way it looks now. Either way, expect the site to look a bit off until I’m done fiddling.

Update: Done with the fiddling for now. Decided for the moment to leave the site pretty much as is, structurally. Because: Lazy!

29 Comments on “Saturday Fiddling”

  1. Dave Branson – all the same, we take out chances; laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances…

  2. I was reading your archives (I’m up to last December, having started as far back as they go) when suddenly everything went all wonky. I time travelled to Now to find out why. Maybe it’s time to see what the Real World has been doing.

  3. If I knew what aggregate means I’m sure I would. For now I’m caught between images of Emperor Nero, a nursery rhyme and Marc Chagall (while watching the rather boring Argentinia-Iran match).

    Anyway, fiddle on, good Sir, fiddle on…

  4. Gah! Too late! Panicking!!!

    OK, better now. Whew.

    Also, did you know there was a “k” in “panicking”? WHY DOES NOBODY TELL ME THESE THINGS?!?

    Also too, this format for comment posts is going to result in a LOT of scrolling. Is that a feature or a bug?

  5. Okay, I was about to panic, but then I saw your tiny portrait and was relieved that I’d reached the proper site.
    😗 Whew!

  6. I like the new colour and header :) . Still hankering after numbered comments tho … wistful sigh.

  7. Once I realized it was from John (rather than other people who send me announcements about music events), I was guessing that either he was taking the tenor guitar out to a bluegrass jam, or alternatively there was burned Italian food somewhere in the story.

  8. I don’t know, John. It looks fine as it is. Clear and intuitive. Pleasant to look at. The conservative background color changes combined with the occasional switch of top photo seem to cap an essentially well done site. What’s to fix?

  9. I came to observe the loss of the recent tweets box and ask if it was intentional…it looks like I’m not the only one who noticed. Are they gone forever, or will they make a return?