New Books and ARCs, 6/27/14

Once again, to take you into the weekend, a selection of fine upcoming books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. Which ones inspire yearning in your book-loving heart and mind? Share in the comments!

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  1. John, with Lock In coming out presently, do you have control over who gets ARCs of your books?

  2. Lauren Beukes has produced a consistently good read in the past; I’m in for ‘Broken Monsters’…

  3. Once again I marvel at the number of authors new to me that turn up in your ARC stacks. I never heard of any of the ones in this one. At 77 I’m not really looking for new authors to read, since I can’t entirely keep up with the ones I know I enjoy, but I still remember back in the 1950s when I read every SF/fantasy book and magazine that appeared on any shelf I had access to and still had lots of time to read mysteries and nonfiction, even though I was a full-time student. I can’t imagine anyone actually being able to do that these days.

  4. I enjoy this particular theme in ye olde bloge, but I’ve always felt a bit sheepish about something. It’s Friday, I’m working on getting into the bag, so I thought I’d ask…. What is an ARC?

  5. I’d never heard of Nick Cole or Beth Cato before, but both of those books look very interesting! I might have to check out Cole’s current books!

  6. [On second thought, deleted because a) off-topic, b) dpmaine, seriously, fuck off, already. You’re patently obnoxious at this point, and you add nothing to the site. I’m done with you – JS]

  7. @jerome – An ARC is an Advance Reading Copy, generally sent out ahead of publication to gather favorable reviews for the publicity campaign around the release date. Often ARCs aren’t quite finished, with some potential differences in editing and without the finished cover art and regular binding.

  8. Oooh, new Lauren Beukes! I’ll keep an eye out for “Broken Monsters”. And the graphic design on Delilah Dawson’s “Hit” is very intriguing.

  9. The Clockwork Dagger looks interesting. And a great cover blurb from Kevin Hearne!

  10. Sorry – was trying to comment to the other thread, which made me log in and brought me back here to post…my fault for not verifying which thread…nothing to see here…sorry all…move along.

  11. I apologize if you have answered this elsewhere, but is there a Scalzi Wing of SFF at your local library? What do you do with all of these books after you have red the ones you want?

  12. The Wrenchies by Dalrymple. Looks like YA/middle grades, smart kids build stuff – my style of book. Pity it’s a “part one,” but maybe it’ll be worth more than one volume.

  13. My most recent batch was pretty massive (caveat: the link goes to a video), but it included, in addition to new titles, a couple of packages from Orbit and Skyhorse where they were catching up. I have a sneaking suspicion the bundle I will be opening up this coming Monday includes something from this “Ron Schmalzi” fellow.

  14. I am amused by “The Getaway God.” Is that a guy who’s really, REALLY good at criminal getaways, or a deity with that for it’s portfolio? Or is this about vacations? A God who’s all about the vacations would be pretty cool.

  15. I’ll be reading the Kadrey and the Beukes books. And every time I see that Kadrey title I first see “The Gateway God”, you know, like a gateway drug. In fact that’s what I thought the title was for weeks before I read it more carefully.

  16. All I could think was: “Wilbur Smith is still alive?” I’m not a good human being.

  17. @barzhac: The Getaway God is a Sandman Slim book. Its one of a series. They’re pretty good- like the petty criminal underworld meets the supernatural. I’m in for it.

    Looking forward to Beukes and Kittredge too.

  18. I’m a big Sandman Slim fan so the Kadrey is now on my list. I’ll get the Beukes as well but probably in paperback.

  19. Looking forward to the new Kadrey most of all of these, but also curious about Black Dog and also Broken Monsters.

  20. I just went over to check out Queen of the Tearling. I love how the spine looks so old time, and the book sounds definitely like something I would really love. (I see someone else already called it, I am not trying to steal it, I just was like, yay! I can comment on something!)

  21. PS I was wrong, the Black Dog book is not the one about depression that I was thinking of. Sorry to anyone who was confused.

  22. Tamar: As far as I can tell, The Wrenchies isn’t a first volume. The :01 is the logo of the publisher (First Second).

  23. My mind insisted that that one in the middle was called, “Wilbur Smith, Desert God.” Sounds like a metaphysical comedy of manners, sort of thing. “Bungling British Explorer accidentally assumes the mantle of Horus. Hilarity ensues.”

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