How I Can Tell I Am a Writer

Because when I look at this picture, what I spend most of my time looking at is whether any of my books are on the shelves.

(Picture possibly NSFW, as it features painted nudity)

P.S.: I found three.

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  1. There’s an illegible one painted on her ass that has the same color scheme as The Android’s Dream.

  2. One way to get people’s attention on a business without paying for advertising.

  3. I envy all of you your visual acuity. I can read a total of three titles and the first line of the sign in that picture. There’s not enough contrast on the last book cover I *might* have been able to read the title on. Beyond that … well, I can see the colours, and I know there *is* text, but I might as well be standing across the street for all I can make out any details. My sulking aside, however, it’s a very nifty picture, and yay for three books of yours in it. :)

  4. My compliments to the bookseller on her well-stocked shelves and fitness regimen. My presbyopia is keeping me from picking out the titles on the spines and if I got caught staring at that photo with my reading glasses on my wife would never let me here the end of it. How come Cory didn’t find any of his books on the shelves?

  5. The perfect alibi!
    “Honest Dear, I’m only looking to see if any of my titles are here.
    What girl?”
    Nice job you got!

  6. And you know you’re a reader if you spent most of your time trying to a) find books you’ve read and b) find books you haven’t read (yet) but want to.

  7. I don’t buy your “I’m a writer; that’s why I like books.” It seems much more likely that you’re a bibliophile first, and that led you to writerdom…ness. Like a crack user who winds up as a dealer.

  8. Arensb:

    It’s more like, “I’m a writer; I’m looking for my book in the shelves” rather than “I’m a writer; that’s why I look books,” actually.


    I would not deny it.

  9. Got the same editions of 2061 and the stainless steel rat for president.
    Well makes me happy anyway.

  10. @jeroljohnson – because there aren’t any- or at least there are no hardcovers, and the place where “Doctorow” would be in paperbacks is blocked by the left half-shelf; Dickson is on the second-to-bottom shelf and Drake right below it. Easy enough to tell (with only nearsightedness) in the large version of the image.

  11. Did you show this picture to George R.R. Martin? Because he should be even happier, being prominently displayed.

  12. Definitey on the higher end of “booth babes”. (And booths, for that matter.)

    We’re gonna miss these, when they’re gone. (The used bookstores, I mean.)

  13. “How I Can Tell I Am a _____”

    Yeah, I kinda think we need a title edit on this one.

  14. I didn’t even know there were sf only book stored… I guess she has to get publicity.

    I tried to find the bookstore, but all I could find was the woman’s website. Wasn’t loading… May have been the traffic.

    Anyone know of other sf bookstores?

  15. The great Cici James and the GREAT scifi book store in Brooklyn, NY, singularity and company!! She’s great, her 7 of 9 is awesome.

  16. Speaking of used-book shops, the one within walking distance of me is getting swamped with product. Some of it even looks good. They could do with some relief, I’m thinking, in terms of room for the customers to walk and browse and the staff to breathe.

  17. This picture tells me I am a heterosexual male writer because this is where my eyes went in order: booty, breasts, face, books. And now I want to go to Brooklyn for the books. Honest. Just the books. Shut up. I hate you guys now!

  18. I was disappointed that I couldn’t read the titles on the bodypaint.

    Minneapolis has two SF bookstores, Uncle Hugo’s (and in the back, Uncle Edgar’s for mysteries), and DreamHaven. Here is a web page with a list, but it isn’t dated but it’s clearly several years old since it lists the Borders Books chain.

  19. I think a few of Tammy’s books were painted onto her! :)

    Naw, Scalzi – nothing weird about looking for your titles at all…. Clever promo idea,too!