The Animal I Was Thinking Of Yesterday (and, Who Won the Lock In ARC)

It was the Thylacine, aka the Tasmanian Tiger. They are, alas, extinct (almost certainly, though every once in a while an alleged sighting happens).

My daughter didn’t think anyone would get this one, but I was reasonably certain someone would, and I was not wrong: Bryce got it about 14 minutes after I first posted.

So, Bryce: Send me an email from the address you post under (i.e., the email address you used to fill out the comment form), which contains your shipping address and the name you want the ARC personalized to (if any) and I will get it in the mail to you. And congratulations!

Everyone else: There’s always next time (and yes, there will be a next time. Probably).

14 Comments on “The Animal I Was Thinking Of Yesterday (and, Who Won the Lock In ARC)”

  1. Aww, I was strangely hopeful about my goblin shark guess (they are cool, in a nightmare-fueling kind of way). Congrats, Bryce!

  2. Wow, I saw that picture, and for a second I thought I won. I guess Bryce’s comment was still awaiting approval when I guessed Thylacine 8 minutes later (or I missed seeing it when I posted).

    Congrats, Bryce.

  3. That was quick! I joined the thread when it was at 504 comments and knew it was no use posting by then. Well done Bryce :)

  4. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed it. I would have guessed thylacine to be an antibiotic. Good job, Bryce!

  5. I was so sure that you’d be thinking of Aplysia californica out there in Ohio, which is probably as far from an ocean as you can get in North America.

  6. And you were probably in her face about a minute later demanding she do the Loser Dance. That’s the picture / video we want.

  7. is too funny that I watched a Monster Hunter with my kiddos this weekend that was searching for Tasmanian Tiger so I actually knew what it was.