Pet Portraits, 6/29/14

They’re handsome devils. 

14 Comments on “Pet Portraits, 6/29/14”

  1. Shawn – Ohio, USA – Early to bed, early or whirlybird or something. Bored now, bye. Don't step on any Lego's 'cause it _Hurts_!
    Shawn T

    Wow, I gotta get me a real camera.

    I’ve no pets, my prejudices have me hoping Not-A-Pet! and a quick google search by image didn’t give me real info, but: image

  2. Zeus and Fluffy are lying to you. Cats fighting crime? Don’t be ridiculous. They’re off committing crimes.

  3. “We sleep safely in our beds because rough pets stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us.”

    Misattributed to Rudyard Kipling’s dog

  4. I am glad to see that neither looks as though they have missed a meal, ever.
    Also that they look as though they have managed to pick up frequent unscheduled inter-meal feeds on a regular basis as well.

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