Tinkering With My Desktop Computer

Which very clearly has a failing disk drive. Yes, everything important is backed up, don’t worry. Still annoying.  See you all tomorrow.

10 Comments on “Tinkering With My Desktop Computer”

  1. Longer term, the issue is how to back up your brain, when dementia of various forms, such as Alzheimer’s starts to kick in. Yeah, we know some of the microneuroanatomy and neurochemical genetics, and are sceptical of The Singularity in the naive Silicon Valley Nerd Rapture sense, but if the USA’s gigabuck for the BRAIN initiative, and.or the EU’s giga-euro brain-simulation projects pay off, we can reboot the argument in a few years based on robust data.

  2. “Blessed are the pessimists for they hath backups.”

    On a small sign hanging behind a network admin’s desk where I use to work.

  3. Ugh. My power supply is slowly going bad – well, I think I’m losing my ball bearings on the fan. I’d almost rather have a slowly fading hard drive – replacing a power supply may require a lot of re-wiring. :)

  4. If you need to get anything off it, putting it in the freezer actually works. My honours thesis and I know this for a fact. Here’s a method.

  5. Dwight: for creepy use of neurotechnology, see: “Forgotten Tongue” written as filler for Stirring Science Stories, June 1941, by C.M. Korrnbluth as by “Walter C. Davies”

  6. @jcfiala – Replacing a standard desktop power supply is a few minutes of work these days. I would definitely do this sooner rather than later – if it goes, it might take many components with it. (I do this for a living, so this is one of my few chances to speak with authority in this august gathering.)

  7. I have 4 hard drives. each has a windows partitions. dont want to be bothered not being able to boot up. does not include my backups which are separate.

    yeah i know about RAID… set it up before and usually screw it up. i build my own pcs. got to be too much trouble. this is easier.