Also, A Thought, Here on July 1st

Which is:

Whoa, 2014 halfway done already. That seemed unusually quick.

Is it just me? Or does it seem that way to anyone else, too?

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    As you know, John, but we are not allowed to tell the public, the entire Solar System is on its way to the Greater Magellanic Cloud, via the Tesla-Eddington-Lovecraft Warp Drive. People have begun to notice relativistic effects, but our cover story about The World Cup is good for a little while longer.

  2. Nope, it’s not just you. I was just thinking about it yesterday. Time seems to be moving faster as I get older. I don’t like it…

  3. I feel you John, we’re about the same age and it seems like just last year I turned 40 but I’m actually halfway to 50…if this keeps up next month will be time to see how bad I’m getting screwed on Social Security

  4. The others are right – it’s related to aging. Each year that goes by is proportionately a smaller part of our lives. When I was 2, a year was 50% of my life thus far … when I was 50, a year was only 2%. In a way, it makes you appreciate the days more, having to focus on them better since they go by so quickly. The good times don’t last as long, but neither do the difficult times, which might partly explain why it’s a little easier to be patient and deferential during middle age than it was when we were young. I’m thankful every day that the young folk invented the current slang meaning of “What-everrr” – – I know I say and/or think the term way more frequently now than I would have years ago. :-)

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    This was commented on my Facebook link to your page:

    Christopher Carson · 8 mutual friends
    Am I the only one who’s noticed the construction of the enormous ducts for circulating liquid caesium in order to produce the gyrogravitic field? I mean, they’ve been labelled “toll roads”, but come on…

  6. No shite, I’m in the depths of a huge project at work let alone the reality of life and I’m 1/2 way thru the year…wonder how many summers I really have left?

  7. As we pass through time the years flow faster, leaves falling bright and jewel-like through a perpetual Autumn of our consciousness.

  8. Zero: 6 months left to make it the best year ever!

    It’s too late for John; the second half of 2014 has already been locked in.

  9. What old aggie (and others) said. I’ve known that since reading FUTURE SHOCK (remember that, geezers?) back in the 70’s. Each year seems to be moving faster because it is for us. When you’re a kid the school year takes forever to get through to get to summer vacation. When you’re 50+ it all just goes faster all the time.

  10. I was thinking as I wrote the rent check Monday, “Hey, I’ve finally started writing 2014 automatically! That wasn’t so hard… oh.”

  11. Yes. Especially since I’ve been impatiently waiting for mid-August for classes to start. I’m going back to school at age 53 for a Master’s in Public Health (Epidemiology). I am so tired of my current on-again-mostly-off-again work schedule!

  12. I said something like this to my dad, in the latter part of 2004 or 2005: “I’m having trouble figuring out where this year went!”

    His response: “Yeah? I’m still trying to figure out where the Nineties went.”

  13. Having been unemployed up until now, I find that the year has been moving way too slowly so far. However, I got work in Ireland, so I’m moving Friday and starting on my new job Monday. I’m sure time will pick up speed by then.

  14. Everything said above times 10. And I don’t recommend checking to see what you will get for Social Security, it will not make you happy.

  15. “Every year is getting shorter/never seem to find the time”

    If it wasn’t for the fact that Dark Side of the Moon is *cough*nearly ten years older than I am*cough* I’d think that line got written about my life…

  16. I agree completely, but then, I am getting married on October 4 of this year, so that’s probably got something to do with my perception that the days just seem to be evaporating…and yes, before anyone asks, I *am* looking forward to it. :)

  17. The older you get, they faster they go by. It is amazing and scary. Enjoy ’em.

  18. t minus 2 days until I am 40. I have been dreading this all year. I remember making fun of my father for turning the big 4-0 when i was a kid. Seriously weirded out by this. 30 wasn’t so bad. Ok no longer a kid. 40? I am now my parents. I don’t remember them from before they were 40.

    Yeah the year went by fast because I have been dreading this.

    John: Please delete any posts by people who post ’40 is nothing wait until you are ‘X’, then life will really suck’. No one likes those trolls.

  19. Re: Guess @ 9:45 –
    I decided that no one was going to tell me that any particular decade was *old* – that I got to define that for myself. Wore a birthday crown made out of that party-store tinsel with all the little “40s” on it when that was my year, & did the same with “50s” tinsel a while ago. (Admittedly I am somewhat of a ham. :-) Not recommending that you wear a crown, but I do encourage you to not let preconceived notions (who knows where they come from) bring you down. It’s possible for every year, in its own way, to be better than the last. Sieze the decade with joyfulness – it is yours!

  20. Normally, yes, I would agree. Part of getting older is realizing the further down the slide you get the faster you go.
    I broke my left shoulder this last New Year’s Eve though (at work, not through partying) and I’m still not done with the physiotherapy.
    So, slowest moving year ever in my world, so far…

  21. When I was a teen Mom told me that time would speed up as I got older. Well, she was right again. Thanks Mom.

  22. Ok. When you’re 2 years old, a year is half your life. When you’re 20 years old, a year is 1/20th of your life. When you’re 40 years old, a year is 1/40th of your life . . . . Every year you age, a year is a decreasingly smaller percentage of your life. As your life gets longer, a year becomes relatively shorter. I guess this is what they mean by relativity.

  23. I think it’s more a function of too busy for down-time. Last year by this time I’d already had several 3-day weekends reading a book under a shade-tree. So far this year, just one.
    It’s been good, but in my head it should only be late April.

  24. @Guess – I predict the years between 40 & 50, you will have more fun than you had the previous 39 combined. I did. You now know how things work, you know what you like & don’t, what to spend money on & not. Other advantages will occur to you. Believe it or not, you are still young ( if not, you’re doing it wrong ), so enjoy, my friend, enjoy!

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