New Books and ARCs, 7/3/14

Just in time for the Independence Day holiday: New books and ARCs that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound this week. Let me know in the comments which works here appeal to you.

34 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 7/3/14”

  1. Wow, this is a new one: only one title I’ve even heard of & zero off my to get list. =boggles=

  2. If you don’t know about Mojo Nixon Harkaway, then your store could use some fixin’.

    Or something.

  3. Oo, oo! Sam Cabot! (I’m a sucker for S.J. Rozan in her solo mystery career, and can’t wait to eat–umm… read the paranormal collaboration.)

  4. I’m still waiting to read Sumit Basu’s other book (Turbulence), so I’d be interested in Resistance afterwords.

  5. Interesting, the bottom 3 look like graphic novel goodness. Gonna have to inspect those.

  6. Once again all books by people I’ve not only never read, but never heard of.

  7. I am finally going to ask the questions that have been growing like your stacks of books.
    1) How often do you get these piles?
    2) What is the average number that you get each time?
    3) How many do you actually read
    4) What do you do with them all???

    Inquiring minds are standing by for your response.

  8. I came here exactly to ask what The Silversmith asked, except I was just going to limit it to maybe the third one because I’m not so nosy. But I kinda do wanna know all the answers.

  9. That’s not actually Erikson’s new novel, right? Just a promo of the first chapter, or something like that? He’s written prologues thicker than the pictured book.

  10. As my eye scanned down the picture, these were my thoughts:

    TV German?
    T.I. German?
    Oh, Tigerman

    It’s definitely time for some shuteye…

  11. Scalzi: Thanks! (
    and wow! you answered me – I shall be floating on air all evening. Off to hammer on some silver.

  12. Deadout by Jon McGoran–That’s the sequel to Drift. It’s been on my list to look for. Drift was stellar! Also Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic by David Sklar & Sarah Avery–with a title like that, how can you resist?

  13. I like those Underland Press books–they look like Dover thrift editions.

  14. Tigerman, definitely. Weirding Willows was discussed on SF Signal recently, also looks interesting.

    I find the bilious green of the Kiss of Deception cover offputting.

  15. I have Tigerman sitting on my bench and now I am officially on holidays, it is the first and most welcome reward for making it through another semester of teaching :)))

  16. The only one I know I already read: the new Harkaway.

    (Bonus trivia geek stuff: NH is the son of John le Carré)

  17. Tigerman sort of jumps out at me. I have an ARC of The Kiss of Deception but I still haven’t really gotten past the first few chapters yet. It’s a little confusing in the beginning but I’m hoping it’s going to get better soon.

  18. I’ve been looking forward to the Erikson novella. It’s a black comedy about necromancers, and I bet Scalzi would enjoy it.

  19. I’d go with Kim Newman’s book – he’s excellent at writing about the Victorian period and does fantasy well in general – whatever ghost story book he has out sounds like it’d be worth a read.

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