Happy July 4. Here Are Things Exploding in Movies


If you’re in the US, happy Independence Day. If you’re outside the US, happy Friday. Either way: Try not to explode.

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  1. Am starting a new Fourth of July tradition this year – watching “1776”. Timed my library hold request for it perfectly. *grin* (Used to have a friend visit for a few days, and go berserk cooking summer holiday/picnic food, watch fireworks, etc., but she’s gone, and I have to invent a new thing. “1776” seems right.) (Though something mindless with exploding things might not be bad… Any suggestions?)

  2. Well, that *almost* makes up for Boston having to cancel the 1812 last night! (they started the fireworks early instead, but even that got cut short — nasty thunderstorm moved a bit faster than they’d expected).

  3. Ok, what is it with guys and explosions, anyway? All I see is big messes that have to be cleaned up, and wrecked landscape. Fireworks are cool, though.

  4. Here in Denmark the event is celebrated every year, and has been since 1911 (minus the war years), in a national park founded to promote co-operation between the US-Denmark.
    There’s usually a few thousand people present including guest speakers, this year the US ambassador among others.
    Afterwards entertainment plus a party.
    As a little anecdote. Some years ag the event was raided by a band of hostile Indians, mounted on Shetland ponies. It was a local hippie commune out to make a little protest.
    So Happy 4th., of July!

  5. Wow!😄

    Is it sad that I know every movie all the explosions came from?

    Let me answer that for you…
    No. No, it’s not!

  6. Oh, the delicious irony of watching the Japanese blow shit up in Pearl Harbor on July Fourth.

  7. Hope y’all had a Happy Explosion day!, I mean Independence Day, of course. Fun that some of the explosions were from the movie “Independence Day”

  8. @allium: yup, I really do need to get those. Hey, somebody needs to put it all back together, after it all goes kerblooie! (Now I’m getting a mental picture of a squad of Latina maids following Bruce Willis around,,,)

  9. “In the beginning was nothing, which exploded.” – Pratchett

    Explosions are important.


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