How I am Spending My Saturday

I’m signing signature sheets for the Subterranean Press limited signed edition of Unlocked. The amount you see there is what I’ve signed so far; subtract that from the height of the box to the right, and the height of what you have left over is how much I have yet to sign. So the day will consist of me watching movies while I sign my name more than a thousand times. I’ll be pacing myself so I don’t end up being a hand cramp attached to a body. There are worse lives to have.

Hope your Saturday is awesome. See you tomorrow.

20 Comments on “How I am Spending My Saturday”

  1. I can’t even imagine. I can stress out about my signature just by signing one thing, and filling out the paperwork for my mortgage nearly killed me. It would take me a year to do a thousand signature sheets and I’d want to redo half of them before I was done. Do they send you extras in case you have some you need to reject? How often does that happen?

  2. Am I the only one who had to google for what a “signature sheet” is? … and then wade through dozens of results for bed linens to find the correct information? I wonder why more authors don’t do this. I remember photos of Sanderson’s office with boxes piled high, as he personalized copies of his latest few books. Seems way more efficient to use “signature sheets.”

  3. I think of the 19th-century U.S. Treasury official who signed a run of thousands of U.S. bonds that were to be shipped overseas the next day, permanently damaging his writing hand in the process. ISTR that the bonds ended up never being used (the deal fell through.)

  4. I signed 10,000 tip-in signature sheets in three days once, for the Graphitti edition of MARVELS. And I did it in pencil, because the publisher told me that pencil was the traditional choice for signed editions in the book trade. So I had to bear down.

    Couldn’t use that arm again for a week. I can still remember the pain.

  5. Here’s a question: Do you have a particular process to signing those?

    Those times when I have to sign multiple documents in one go, I’ll wedge the stack so I can flip through them from the bottom up, signing each one where applicable until I get to the top with the first looking a lot better than the last.

  6. I spent one day of a summer job between high school and college “personally signing” some letter that was getting sent to all employees of [some division] of [huge company]…”personally signing” with the CEO’s signature. Using a machine. That “signed” slower than anyone writes and needed to have each sheet of paper hand-fed-and-positioned for signing, no autofeeding. It was a long day.

  7. So no signature stamp, then? Of course, not, that would not be Quixote as authentic….You could get your daughter to learn your signature and help out…oh, wait.. bad idea….I’ll be getting mine signed at Vroman’s. :)

  8. As the future recipient of one of those signatures, I would like to say that I really do appreciate the effort. I suspect I may need to get an extra copy to read though since I tend to stick signed editions in a prominent place on the bookshelf and then refuse to read them in case I tear a page or get them dirty or something. It’s possible I have a problem there.

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