Lock In on the August 2014 LibraryReads List

This is a nice way to start the week: Every month, librarians pick the 10 books they are most looking forward to, out of all the books published that month, in the Library Reads List. And for August, Lock In is one of them. That’s really cool. Note that the Library Reads List is across all genres, not just science fiction and fantasy, which makes it even cooler — it’s nice to be peered with every kind of fiction (also on the list for August: The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman. Awesome).

There’s more happy news for Lock In coming, but I’m waiting to find out when I can share it. When I can, I will. In the meantime, this is certainly more than good enough. It’s a lovely thing to know librarians like your book.

6 Comments on “Lock In on the August 2014 LibraryReads List”

  1. John, finally read Unlocked last night. Loved it. I really like the first-person narrative style of this (and World War Z). And I’m happy to report that it didn’t trigger any of my paralysis phobias (you might recall I asked if you thought it would). Really looking forward to Lock In, though I will have to wait a few extra days until I get my signed copy when you come to Raleigh.

  2. Beej:

    Well, if you can’t wait, you could always buy it from Quail Ridge when it comes out, and then bring it back to the store when I arrive.

  3. I wasn’t particularly interested in Lock In when I first heard about it; I figured I’d probably read it, but it wasn’t on my GET IT ASAP list. And then I read Unlocked. And now I’ve preordered Lock In, because damn.

  4. My experience exactly parallels Michael Johnston’s – which tells me, Mr Scalzi, that not only are you good at marketing, you are also a very good writer!

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