Your Dose of Pure 80s Music Video WTFery for Wednesday

The video for “Dancing in Heaven” by Q-Feel:

I actually really like the song, but I did not know the lead singer (Martin Page) looked like a stretched-out Oompa Loompa with a John Waters mustache. This video makes me question everything I knew about the 80s.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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The backup singers/aerobics instructors/airplane directors/vampire slayers brought back memories. Not good ones. I think I had that hairstyle briefly.

I do remember orange tans in the 1980s.

…I listened to this on headphones. The audio isn’t original. It’s from vinyl, not VHS – not even VHS HiFi. There are vinyl noises in the sound that – in my experience, anyway – just don’t happen on tape.

Which means this is a _fan remaster_. I wonder if that’s why the video blurs out when it does – maybe the fan had a radio mix (note the 3m runtime – classic old-school Full Service Popular Music Station radio length) on vinyl, and the music video on VHS, and merged them together to make the best possible restoration.

Or maybe that’s just how long it ran and how it ended, you never know. Either way, it means someone loved this video (and song) enough to put in all that work.

So, wow, yeah. Go you, crazy 80s music fan. Go you.

Argghhh. I only knew Martin Page from his solo albums, which I think are pretty wonderful.

*I did NOT need to see this*. Now it can never be unseen.

You are a bad, bad man.

Well, Page shares the writing credits for “We Built This City” with Bernie Taupin (who put words in Elton John’s mouth), Dennis Lambert (who committed the even worse music crime of “One Tin Soldier”) and Peter Wolf (of J. Geils Band), truly an All Star Clusterfrak.

But Page also co-wrote “These Dreams” for Heart and “The King of Wishful Thinking” for Go West, as well as played keyboards for Ray Parker, Jr., on the Ghostbusters theme song. So he shares some blame for ALMOST EVERYBODY’s worst ’80s musical nightmares.

I actually have this record and recall liking a few of the other songs. I may have to pull out the vinyl. I have to say, this one reminds me if Real Life’s “Send Me an Angel”. My mind wanders between the two easily. Slow slow quick quick slow.

I remember when Starship sang “We built this City” and how I cried! Such a long drop from “Blows Against the Empire” but of course that WAS A 70’s album. The 80’s to me will always be B-52’s, Robin Lane & the Chartbusters, and the Pretenders when I wasn’t listening to the Grateful Dead…

*timidly waves a hand*

Am I the only person on the planet who likes “We built this CIty”? (And surely, SURELY, it’s better than “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”)

I guess I am the only one here to associate this song with a teenaged Sarah Jessica Parker and her turn in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. That’s a chunk of my brain I could really use for other things.

Nope, I did as well. Love “Girls just wanna have fun” in all its brainlessness! And Helen Hunt and Shannon Doherty were in it as well. All-star cast!

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