Still Alive

Having a great time, wish you here. Unless you are here, in which case, hey! Glad you’re here!

And if you are here, a reminder that I am DJing an 80s dance tonight at 10pm, in the 42 lounge. Be there!

7 Comments on “Still Alive”

  1. Find cover see name on front of cover. Ignore name on front of cover.
    But still someone in the comments is better found another author called John Scalzi. Who knows maybe he wrote something good too.

  2. I heard on the radio just now that yesterday was the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the moon. The people at NASA are renaming a building at Cape Canaveral in his honour. Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are going to be there.

    I apparently saw this happen on TV, but since I was 14 months old at the time, I don’t remember a thing!

    Hope the con is going well for you.

  3. Great Dance. I thought it was funny you played “Walk Like an Egyptian”. The song is now the ending credit theme for the very popular anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (see below). Supposedly the original manga creator listen to this song while writing the manga that was also set in 1989.

  4. “Still Alive”

    And I have to put off my plans for a Zombie Scalzi for at least a while longer. But someday, someday…

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