The Neighbors’ Mailboxes Vs. the Scalzi Riding Mower

Spoiler: The neighbors’ mailboxes lost.

We have of course informed the neighbors of the event, and have told them that we will gladly pay for the repair/replacement of the boxes. Because, duh. This is our fault. And that’s what you do when something is your fault.

52 Comments on “The Neighbors’ Mailboxes Vs. the Scalzi Riding Mower”

  1. I note you didn’t say it was an accident.

    I’m thinking you noted an increasing social interest in mailbox savagery and wanted more blog hits. ;)

  2. Taking responsibility for your actions?!? What a novel concept. Someone should tell Congress…or at least about half of Congress.

  3. I smell rookie driver on a lever-steered zero-turn. They’re a handful until you get the rhythm.

  4. Oy oy, isn’t this a bit of an overreaction to that whole “toilet-papered porch” thing!?

    All kidding aside, how the heck did you manage to do that?

  5. @Lori – I was thinking the same thing! Hours after Felicia Day opines that she’d enjoy a riding mower and a big lawn and Scalzi offers his up, this happens. Coincidence?

  6. A receptacle for paper mail? They’ll never miss it. If you had run over their tablet with the mower THAT would have been a problem.

  7. The headline makes it sound like the mower was driving itself, like in that Stephen King story in Night Shift.

  8. In my day, we had to destroy our neighbor’s mailboxes with a PUSH mower. Needed to back all the way to the end of the street to get a good running start.

  9. The essence of good lawn mowing is speed and secrecy.

    If you had followed those rules, you wouldn’t have to pay for repairs.

  10. Be careful with this stuff. In some jurisdictions any property damage involving any motorized vehicle or device requires a police report and a blood alcohol test. Fairly certain that it’s designed to catch people mowing their lawn while drinking!

  11. Remember, folks, a riding mower is “easy mode” compared to people who use scythes, but that doesn’t negate your real problems when you drive it into something. :-)

  12. Do I see a Whitman on the bottom one? My uncle lives in Ohio, but I’m pretty sure you don’t live *that* close to each other… or DO you?

  13. I should share this with my landscaper. While I was at Detcon1, they broke a plum tree sapling I planted. When asked about it, they blamed bunnies (the broken off portion had been stuck in the ground next to the rooted portion). Eventually, they agreed to pay for a replacement, but are still blaming it on magical bunnies.

  14. It’s like a live action version of the running joke in Tom Batiuk’s Crankshaft

  15. ROFL.

    Near my wife’s mother’s place, there was a house with a sign:

    Beware of Wife Driving Lawnmower

    Saw it once, next time we visited it was gone. I’ve always wondered exactly what it meant. Now I might know :)


  16. anyone else find it ironic that the one time Scalzi mentions his lawnmower is when there is an ‘driving malfunction’. He routinely posts pictures of his perfect lawn. Does anyone really think John is mowing his own lawn? Not that I would ever accuse John of misleading the public, but its highly likely he pays people to mow his lawn without giving them credit for doing so.

  17. Daughter get’s driver’s permit. Next week dad’s insurance premiums rise. Surprisingly unrelated.

  18. Sounds like if Mr. Scalzi was driving he can blame it on the allergy meds.

    Some expletive deleted took out my mail box once and didn’t bother to tell me. I was royally pissed until I found a side mirror from the perpetrator’s car in the ditch next to the destruction.

  19. “that’s what you do when something is your fault.”

    Jeez, John, you’ll clearly never make it to Congress with that kind of attitude.

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