This Thursday (and Elsewhen) in San Diego

Yes, I’ll be in San Diego this week, and all my events are on Thursday, the 24th. Here’s where you will find me:

1:30pm: Reading at the Grand Horton Theater, 444 4th Avenue (between Island and J streets). I’ll read a bit from Lock In, or I might decide to do something else. You never know! Be on edge!

9:00pm: I’ll be making an appearance at the LA Times Hero Complex party.

Thursday evening I may also be making appearances at w00tstock and/or the Geek and Sundry party, depending on several factors. Twitter will be the best place to find out where I will be that evening (and if I know earlier than that evening, I’ll note it here).

I’ll also be in town Friday and Saturday. Much of that will be for private business — I’ll be having meetings, y’all — but I might decide to park myself somewhere and do “office hours” at some point. Again, Twitter will be the place to learn about that. If I do office hours I will be happy to chat and/or sign books.

I will not be at the convention center or on the SDCC floor. Here are the reasons for that.

If you can’t/don’t see me this week in San Diego, I will be back on September 8, 7pm, at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore as part of my Lock In tour. Details on my official tour schedule.

See you in San Diego!

3 Comments on “This Thursday (and Elsewhen) in San Diego”

  1. I can highly recommend the Thrilling Adventure Hour/Welcome to Nightvale crossover show on Sat. at 8 pm at the Spreckels theater. It seems like a good match for your sense of humor.

  2. I will not be free to chase you down on this tour, JS, so I have ordered my copy of “Lock In” from Subterranean. Safe travels!

  3. Sorry it’s only an average day in San Diego for your arrival…

    Anyway, avoid most of the overpriced overcrap downtown restaurants – San Diego is a bit of a food desert, so if you’re out and about, there is very limited decent food:

    Bice – Italian chain, but good food, also expensive. Nice though. If someone else is paying, go here.
    Cafe Chloe – pretty good, small
    Hodads – bit of a hike up 11th (I think) but great burgers
    Neighborhood – closer, but are too cool for ketchup for their burgers (it’s a hipster thing)
    Taka – sushi – expensive
    Hane – a lot further out, but really good sushi, ask for Roger (used to be at Sushi Ota) and sit at sushi bar
    Cucina Urbana – again further out, noisy but good.
    Mr. A’s – Happy hour only unless you want to sell a kidney. Cheaper than Bub’s at happy hour (seriously)
    McCormick and Schmidts – only for a ludicrously cheap happy hour, opposite the convention center in the Omni – check for happy hour availability before you go. They will overcook your fish (too used to visitors from Ohio – oh) unless you explain very clearly to them not to do so.

    That’s about it in the downtown area, apart from 11 overpriced steakhouses and Bub’s. Don’t go to Bub’s.

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