Paul & Storm: Ball Pit is Out!

A friendly reminder to you all that my pals Paul & Storm have a new album out called Ball Pit, and it’s terrific and funny, and I’m not just saying that because it features two songs I commissioned from them (“Fuzzy Man” and “(The Shadow War of the Night) Dragons of the Night”), nor am I saying that just because they paid me a shiny penny to say it, although they did, and to be honest, the penny is only moderately shiny. Well, you should buy the album anyway. It’s available at BandcampiTunes,  Amazon, and Google Play as downloads, with physical CDs coming soon.

If you get it and you like it, Paul and Storm would be obliged if you posted a review of it and/or tell other people about it. Because that’s how people find out about these things.

And yes, they paid me another shiny penny to tell you that. And this penny isn’t shiny either. Damn it.

(Seriously, though: A fine album which I like a whole lot. Get it!)

9 Comments on “Paul & Storm: Ball Pit is Out!”

  1. I backed the Kickstarter for this and it’s all sorts of awesome! There is also a Paul and Storm soundboard app coming as well.

  2. We remain unimpressed with these feeble attempts at diversion. The investigation into Mowergate–who killed the mailbox, and when–will continue! Mower maniac scofflaws, beware!

  3. Disclosure: I backed the project at the level of “Co-producer” which in the hard cold light of day means nothing beyond the fact that I did something really cool but really stupid with my Amex card. Doesn’t mater. I love this album!

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