Yesterday in San Diego

Walk to go get a hat and a Coke Zero. Walk back to hotel. Walk to go find out where my event is. Walk back to hotel to hang out at the Wired Cafe. Walk to event. Walk back to hotel. Walk to bar to hang out with friends. Walk with friend to his next appointment. Walk to the Balboa Theater for w00tstock. Walk from w00tstock to the LA Times Hero Complex party to give away books. Walk from Times party to the Geek and Sundry party. Walk from G&S party back to w00tstock. Walk from w00tstock back to G&S party. Dance a bit. Walk friend back to her hotel. Walk from her hotel back to my hotel.

Sleep until my feet no longer hurt.

Wake up. Get ready to walk to breakfast.

San Diego.

Hope you’re getting your exercise too.

17 Comments on “Yesterday in San Diego”

  1. All that after dancing the night away a few days ago? Your feet must be really hurting.

    On the bright side, you’ll be fit for the upcoming slog book tour.

  2. Yesterday I think that it was a beautiful day for u!
    San Diego is so far to me. I’m from Italy, but my dream is to succeed to visit USA, California, Brazil, and all that parts of the world that I don’t know.
    Thanks for u’re story, and……..sorry for my bad english! ;)

  3. Funny, because when I lived there twenty years ago, San Diego was about as far from being a “walking city” as you could get. Though then (and probably now) most residents rarely went downtown.

  4. The convention/gaslight district is very walk friendly. At least by comparison to trying to drive there. Only place I’ve ever driven that has worse signage for finding stuff like freeway entrances than LA does.

    (Though driving in Atlanta is worse, by far, but mainly because every other street is Peachtree something or other.)

  5. Goober – you must never have driven in Boston, the capital of no-signage. If you lived here you’d know where you’re going and if you don’t, who gives a…

    LA’s a piece of cake by comparison (speaking as someone who’s lived both places).

  6. I think I did more walking yesterday than watching panels. Walking and sweating, San Diego was nerdmeltingly warm yesterday.

  7. Walking is good for you. Just finished a walk from the Ferry Bld. to Ballpark and back again.

  8. Personal training session in less than an hour that I have a half hour walk to, so, yes.

    This will have to be a light session though, still feeling some muscle strain in the lower back from a burpee a week or two back.

  9. In San Diego for a conference last week, and I feel like I walked 10+ miles in the SDCC alone. Really loved the Gaslamp district – seemed like a less claustrophobic Bourbon Street (with the bonus that they stop serving alcohol at 1 AM)

    Re: driving in Atlanta -> seems weird that hopping on the Interstate to travel less than a mile away can be a valid time-saving strategy. Still use it almost every day.

  10. listening to any good audio books during your walks? They are usually my motivation to take a walk or ride my bike.

  11. Speaking of Boston, I spend a large portion of my day walking with my grand daughter and her friends around the city. It’s small enough you pretty much can walk anywhere within 10-15 minutes.

  12. Okay, I’m impressed. I most certainly feel your pain too(56 here). How flat is SD? In Beijing you could rent a bicycle and ride anywhere on roads with an entire lane for bicyclists only. And you seriously need a bike in Beijing if you don’t plan on a car (at least back in the 90s).

  13. Other than the specifics that sounds like the day for many of us at Comic-Con (or in The Gaslamp for the experiece without actually having badges for the con itself).

    To address some other’s comments:
    – San Diego has become fairly walkable in places. Dowtown/The Gaslamp is quite walkable.
    – While most of San Diego is built into the sides of hills and canyons, Downtown San Diego including The Gaslamp, and at least the nearby parts of the East Village, are quite flat.
    – I think this was some of the weirdest weather we’ve had for Comic-Con since I moved (back) in 2008 and started attending in 2009: exceptionally high heat on Thursday, hot and sticky on Friday and Saturday, muggy with a brief rainstorm on Sunday

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