Dayton Appearance August 2nd; Hugos; GenCon

Some short bits for you folks:

1. A reminder for you Dayton area folks that this Saturday (August 2nd), I will be making an appearance at the Beavercreek Barnes & Noble at 2pm, at which time I will read from Lock In and other things, answer questions, and sign things, probably books, but hey, if you want something else signed, I’ll probably sign that too. I’m easy. If you’re in the Dayton area, come on by. I would hate to be all alone.

2. A reminder to all of you who have Loncon 3 memberships that you have only until 11:59:59pm Pacific Time on July 31 to get your Hugo votes in. If there’s something or someone you want to have take home a rocket, this is just about your last chance to help make it happen. Get to it.

3. As I’ve noted earlier, I’m not going to be able to make it to Loncon 3 this year, so I’ve been asked if I was going to be at GenCon instead, which happens the same weekend and is rather more conveniently located for my purposes (it’s in Indianapolis, which is just a couple of hours away). The answer: Maybe, but not in an official capacity. I have some friends who will be there I want to see, so I might come up for a day and see them. I won’t be there the whole weekend because I have a wedding to attend on Saturday. So most likely I’ll just pop over on Friday, if I show up at all. So if you’re at GenCon on that Friday and you see someone who looks like me: Maybe it is. Come say hello!

10 Comments on “Dayton Appearance August 2nd; Hugos; GenCon”

  1. I’ll probably be there to buy a fresh copy of Lock In to be signed and added to my collection. Will you be bringing your Hugo for strangers to fondle? (I already fondled it at the Bradford Library, but wouldn’t mind bringing my girl to have a gawk at it.)

  2. Blue-Jay:

    Lock In won’t be out until a week later, sorry. Unless YOU KNOW A GUY, in which case I will wonder how you got your copy before I did.

    I probably won’t bring the Hugo out. That thing is heavy.

  3. For something off-topic: It’s been quite some time since the last movie-news; is everything still on track?

  4. The Beavercreek I lived in and went to 9th/10th grades at BeaverCreek HS in 1973/74 (Gawd I’m old!) didn’t have a Barnes & Noble. We had corn fields and 60-mile bicycle rides sponsored by the Dayton Pedal Pushers and we liked it!

  5. between your one month book signing and going to cons, etc… you are doing upwards of 2.5 months of business travel this year right? that has to really cut into your writing time. Either that or you work in sane hours like Jim Hines seems to do.

  6. Etiquette question: Does it bother you when random people ask you for autographs and such? I saw Wil Wheaton last year look absolutely exhausted coming in at the airport and getting mobbed by people wanting autographs and photos with him. So I just nodded at him, which got a grateful smile.

    I hate bugging people, you know?

  7. Shakauvm:

    I’m not generally bothered, but if I am I let people know, usually in a friendly way, that now isn’t a good time. Most people get it, and those who don’t, I don’t mind annoying.


    I write pretty quickly, which helps, but yes. I do a whole lot of travel these days.

  8. Ok, finished all the short works and got my votes in for the awards at Loscon. Boy, what a tough ballot! I was finally able to sort out my preferences for Novella and Novellette… but can we please just give all four of the short story nominee’s a Hugo?