The Lock In Hardcover Has Arrived at the Scalzi Compound

And it appears Athena has arrived at a particularly surprising part of the narrative!

The hardcover looks great, by the way. The story inside of isn’t bad, either. You’ll all be able to judge for yourself, a little less than a month from now.

13 Comments on “The Lock In Hardcover Has Arrived at the Scalzi Compound”

  1. I like the editing of the photo to have the only color be the little people on the cover of the book. That some photoshopping or were you able to do that with some other method?

  2. Why must you taunt us? The Lock In book physically exists, yet most of us cannot get our hands on it!


  3. Not sure it that was a ZOMG!!! or an incipient yawn. :D If you used Krissy and Athena as testbed readers, they may have already exceeded their RDA of Lock In.

  4. How are YOU so special that you get an advance copy of Scalzi’s latest novel?!?

    Oh, right – never mind…

  5. Great photo!

    Athena is so grown-up and poised these days in the photos you post. It always makes me smile.

  6. Dammit, I read the subject, and thought that this was about the hardcover copy of “The Lock.” But this is about something else entirely!

    (More seriously, the comment about semicolons has me even more intrigued about the book.)

  7. GAH! I just finished the prequel last night and while I am intrigued, the description of people getting locked in triggered my claustrophobia. I thought I was over it but the hee bee gee bees got me while driving home from work.


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