Starred Review of Lock In at Booklist

It’s up at the magazine’s Web site now (albeit behind a paywall), so I can acknowledge it here: Lock In has received its third starred review, this time from Booklist. I won’t quote the whole thing (read it at the Web site if you have access, or in the August 2014 print edition), but here’s a bit I particularly like:

Another brilliant novel from a writer who has quickly become one of the genre’s most successful and intriguing practitioners.

I like the word “another” in that, I have to say.

I’m basically gobsmacked to have received three starred reviews for Lock In (the other two being from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus); that’s the first time I’ve had that happen. I hope you guys like it as much as the reviewers have so far.

13 Comments on “Starred Review of Lock In at Booklist”

  1. Woohoo! Good for you John! Glad your new baby is judged to be pleasing by others :)

    To be honest, when I heard the background, I was a little icked out, but after reading the early chapters, it went off in a surprising direction and I am looking forward to reading it.


  2. Impatiently waiting. Already consumed Unlocked and the sample chapter of Lock In. Really liked the ideas and the material.

    Hope I can make it to see you again in Raleigh.

  3. Hey, I read the first chapter via Tor’s email newsletter and immediately ran to Amazon to buy it. Well, I pre-ordered it, something I never do. The first chapter was that good, so three starred reviews is no surprise.

  4. You’re going to just be impossible now. Hopefully those strong women in the house will be able to do a controlled ego deflation. We are able to manage The Scalzi. But one that is hooked on high-grade stars too? Nooo! The adulatory reviews must stop.

  5. Just pre-ordered both editions of the Audible production (two credits!). Looking forward to this read with my ears. Gratz John on the reviews

  6. Librarians love starred reviews too. It makes it so much easier to know what to purchase. Having reviewers confirm the love for a favored author just makes it all the better!

  7. Can’t wait until it hits my library. I have been looking forward to this since reading the Unlocked prequel.