My Reading in Beavercreek

Me at my August 2, 2014 reading/signing at the Beavercreek B&N. Photo by Howye.

It went pretty well, I thought. It was nicely attended, which is always a good thing, especially when I’m doing an event that’s not on a tour or otherwise focused on a new release. Also, I got to do a test run on some material I’m thinking of using on the tour, seeing how it worked with an audience. It’s always nice to have that.

It was also a reminder that I actually do like doing readings and events. It’s fun to get up there and read stuff and answer questions and have people enjoy what you do, and be glad you’re there — or at least I think it is, which I suppose it the relevant metric here. This is important, as I’m just over three weeks away from a book tour that has me on the road for four weeks straight. If I stopped liking this particular aspect of my life, I would have a very grim month ahead of me.

I’ve made the comment before that somewhere in the recent past I stopped being a professional writer and have become a professional traveler who also, occasionally, writes; if I wanted to, I could be gone from my house for nearly every weekend of the year at some convention or event. I don’t want that (I actually like my family and want to spend time with them) and I prefer to be a writer, not a traveler. What makes the travel worthwhile is the getting to meet and be in front of people. I think when that happens, we all have fun together. And that’s not a bad thing.