My Friends Paul & Storm Made a Video And It’s Funny So Please Watch It Now

See how easy that was? You can even watch it again, if you like.

P.S.: Buy their album.

11 Comments on “My Friends Paul & Storm Made a Video And It’s Funny So Please Watch It Now”

  1. John Hedtke – Eugene, OR – John Hedtke ( is the author of 26 books and a couple hundred magazine articles. He does disaster recovery and business consulting for public and private companies. John has several blogs, notably "Hey, kids! Become an author at home in your spare time and earn big bucks!" ( for would-be authors. He is a Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication. John lives in Eugene, OR, with his wife, their youngest daughter, and 4 cats. (Follow him: @johnhedtke).
    John Hedtke

    I love them. Thanks!

  2. “Steely Dansplaining”? Does that mean they are going to explain to me in the most patronising fashion ever why I shouldn’t lose that number?

  3. smibbo – – I am not as funny as The Bloggess. I am not as cool as Wil Wheaton. I am not as sexy as Danica McKellar. I am not as hip as DJ Rekha. I am not as entertaining as The Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half. I am not as admirable as stark.raving.mad.mommy. I am not as knowledgeable as AskGoodJoan. ...but I'll do.

    (and they’re really nice guys too)

  4. Now I must go and buy a thing. Because that song makes me want to open my wallet.

    Hear that, product advertisers of the world? You can only do yourself good by getting Paul and Storm on the phone and hammering out a deal right this very minute. Don’t let the other guys beat you to it.

  5. kirizar – Michigan – I am all things to all people. As long as people are looking for a mom with diverse interests and a homebound tendency to look through the window of life and wish (or imagine) something just a little bit different. I am like the Tardis on Doctor Who. I am much bigger on the inside.

    Brilliant. Maybe that will be the serenade that sings me to sleep…repeatedly.

  6. @Penny: Maybe I’m too much of a Paul & Storm-ite, but I’m not a fan of the chorus in the LaJoie song because he draws the world “commercial” out a bit too long and it doesn’t sound melodious to me. That said, perhaps the two entities could do a collaboration?

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